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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Attendees: Peter Warren, Bob Arnott, Linda Grieve, Mickey Spillane, Diane Carlton, Howard Birnie, David Woodward, Petersen Chan, Alexandra Fokine.

As Pearl Li has resigned as secretary, Alexandra will take the minutes until further notice.

First Century Book – Mickey Spillane

  • Discussion of the book to focus 2007, First Century of RCI. Use the book from the 75th Reunion as a starter.
  • Use the book as a fund raiser. Money could go to the scholarship fund. E.g. 1000 copies at $50 could net $ 50,000. The book would be 275 – 300 pages (Hard copy) and make 100 copies deluxe edition.

Use the school as a collection center for any articles collected for the book. Mick asked permission to send out a letter looking for a quote to publish the book. Mick was given a go ahead.

  • Reminder of Monday April 12 meeting with the speaker from Humberside C.I. at 7:00 p.m. to learn how Humberside organized their 100th Reunion. The speaker will talk for 45 minutes followed by a Question and Answer session. There will be meeting right after to select the Century Committee.
  • Only two responses to their 80 letters mailed on March 1. The executive will do a phone blitz to get people to come out. Need to think about what the focal point for the 100th will be.

Discussion about Fund raising

The Charitable Foundation and the RCAA Scholarship are in the same account, but are reported separately.

The Treasurer’s Report states that the RCAA has $ 2,590.98 in the General Account. The school paid the printing cost of the newsletter. The RCAA owes the school $ 140 for postage.br

Archives – David Woodward

David mentioned that all minutes and alumni newsletters belong in the Archives. As David is involved with the Burlington Historical Society, there is a chance that the RCAA could apply for a grant to help preserve the archival material. Mickey mentioned that all the pictures that have been put on the boards and sealed with plastic will eventually disintegrate. Therefore, it is important that all the RCI pictures be scanned electronically to help in the preservation of these historical documents.

Discussion of posting the minutes on the RCAA page on the RCI web site. Mickey is the contact for the RCI web page.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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