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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Present: Bob Arnott, Etty Green, Linda Grieve, Esther Munroe, Diane Carlton,
Phil Fairman, Howard Birnie, Judy Endicott, Mickey Spillane, Deb Cusack, Laurie Cusack

Minutes: Alex Fokine

Minutes from the previous meeting were corrected (Note: David Woodward’s Telephone Number is 1-905-632-0386).

  • Linda announced that Alex Bostock asked if a Newsletter will be published for the end of June or should we wait till October. Due to time constraints it was decided that there would be a fall issue.
  • Linda has applied to the Board for seed money for the reunion ($ 3,000) towards the 100th.
  • Visit to Humberside – Diane Carlton took pictures, while Alexandra Fokine took notes. Most important to remember that the pictures are bolted to the walls.

What are the plans for the 100th for RCI?

  • Diane suggested doing a statue. Also, mentioned a commemorative poster like the 75th Reunion (1982).
  • Linda suggested a “Millennium Project” by the RCAA. Bob suggested that we need to get the present teachers involved, but Linda mentioned that someone from the RCAA should meet with the teachers. Peter mentioned that this should be done in the Fall of 1999. Diane nominated Etty Green to speak with the teachers at the end of September. The Student Council also meets with the staff; therefore Etty will speak to both Staff and Students.
  • Mickey suggested that the Parents should get involved. This would have to been closer to date of the Reunion. Linda mentioned that it is very difficult to get the Parents involved with the school.
  • Etty suggested the Gerrard Business Association (now called the Queen – Broadview Association) become involved. Mickey will find the name of the Alumnist, who is in charged of the Association.
  • Problem of what to do as Project leading to the 100th.
  • Laurie suggested that either the students or RCAA approach businesses for financial assistance for our projects.
  • Article to be written requesting RCI memorabilia to be shown at the 100th.
  • Possible focal point of using former Athletes of RCI. Former graduate Paul Hunter writes for the Toronto Star. Laurie will contact Paul Hunter regarding former Riverdale athletes.
  • Hugh Garner (Author) may be an RCI Alumnist. Need to verify.
  • Alex will put a poster at the Balmy Beach Club to generate interest in the 100th.
  • Laurie and Deb will talk to Mr. Yuridojc (he did the poster for the 75th).

NEXT MEETING – TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 AT 7:00 P.M. at the school.

Have a great and safe summer !

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