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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Present: Judy Endacott, June Ante, Peggy McMurray, Esther Munroe, Phil Fairman, Bill Schley, Howard Birnie, Micky Spillane, Linda Grieve, Diane Carlton and Alexandra Fokine.

Regrets: Laurie Kusack, Etty Green, Bob Arnott.

Introduction of Attendees

Bill Schley, CA – graduated 1955. Living in Lindsay.
Phil Fairman – Class of 1955.
Micky Spillane – former teacher at Riverdale and editor on the upcoming Riverdale CI Century Book (1907 –2005).
Peggy McMurry (nee Miller) graduating class 1969 or 1970? Enjoys parties and being a homemaker.
June Ante - graduating class 1969 or 1970. Looking forward to contacting former alumni.
Judy Endacott – graduated 1977. Working on a database from the previous reunions.
Alexandra Fokine – graduated 1980. Minutes and Membership Committee.
Diane Carlton – graduated 1957 – Enjoys fund raising.
Linda Grieve (nee Emond) graduated 1965; presently RCI Principal.

Bob Arnott is out of the country and Peter Warren has moved out of the Toronto area; therefore, Diane Carlton chaired the meeting.
The main object of the meeting was to discuss the  100th school anniversary coming up in 2007.
Diane has spoken to Marion Kantaroff regarding doing a statue for the 100th.
Reason for projects is to build up the Centennial, similar to what Humberside CI did. Diane explained to the new members what Humberside CI did for their 100th ; eg, restored the Lismer Mural, planted a Rose garden, and various other projects not only to raise money, but also to promote the 100th for Humberside.

Micky Spillane contacted previous Reveille Editors who may be interested in helping with the RCI Century Book. Micky would like to go with Canada Yearbook as the publisher, thereby supporting the Canadian publishing industry. The book will be done electronically . David Woodward will be helping with the book. Deadline for the book is two years before the reunion (2005).
Micky moved that the committee consider Canada Yearbook as the publishing house, subject to future review by the Reunion Committee

Alex moved that we accept Micky’s suggestion of using Canada Yearbook subject to future review of the contract terms by the committee.

Seconded by Phil Fairman.

Motion carried. (Unanimous)

Linda – In June Linda had mentioned that the Board provides $ 3,000 as “seed money” for a 100th reunion. Now due to Amalgamation , the policy is being reviewed.

Diane suggested that a letter requesting support for the anniversary be written to financially established alumni. Phil suggested using the Scholarship Auditorium Seat Sale revenues temporarily as “seed money” for the 100th: “Seat Money for Seed Money”.

William suggested that we put an ad in a small town papers. (There are 10 small town papers). William offered to be the contact in the Lindsay area.

Alexandra mentioned that Laurie Kusack tried to contact the artist who had done the poster. Unfortunately, the phone book has the wrong telephone number. She has three new alumni members that joined.

Peggy suggested there be an art competition among the present RCI students for the 100th.

We need to contact Alex Bostock regarding the newsletter. The format has to be changed and we need to get information to Alex Bostock. Some former RCI staff have passed away recently (Pat Smith, Mario Vendramini and Ken Bray).

Micky will contact Alex Bostock at Notre Dame regarding the newsletter.

The next meeting will be Tuesday October 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the school.

Items to be discussed: William suggested fund raising ideas. Micky suggested articles for the newsletter.

Note: RCI website is www.riverci.toronto.on.ca
(UPDATE NOVEMBER 2002: This address is no longer valid. Site is now located at schools.tdsb.on.ca/riverdale/index.html)

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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