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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes: Alex Fokine


Present: Howard Birnie (1955), Karin Normann (1959), Phil Fairman (1955 – 57), Bill Schley (1955),
Judy Endacott (1977), Esther Munroe (1970), June Ante (1970), Peggy McMurray (1970),
Diane Carlton (1957), Etty Green (1957), Linda Grieve (1965) and Alexandra Fokine (1980)
Mick Spillane (Staff, Ret.)

Bob Arnott unable to attend due to work commitments.

New member on the RCAA Century Committee – Karin Normann

Diane Carlton chaired the meeting.

Business Arising from previous minutes

  • No answer from the board regarding “Seed Money” for the Centennial Celebrations.
  • Seat sales for seed money; Esther had prepared a letter (see attached).
  • At this point Maryon Kantoroff was introduced.
  • Judy did a letter for the database that she has been working on from all attendees from the various reunions.
  • Bill Schley has covered all the small newspapers serving the towns around Lake Simcoe. He also wrote a letter to a classmate in Winnipeg inviting him to contribute a letter.

Canada Yearbook – Micky Spillane
  • Micky has had a yearly Christmas party for previous Yearbook Editors. He has been inviting those editors to help in the writing of the First Century Book.
  • Former staff of Riverdale were contacted and have agreed to do the following book sections:
  • John Ford – Music
  • Ian Waldron – Drama
  • Peter Warren – Sports
  • Howard Gotlieb – History (He served as Principal for 10 years)
  • Companies have contacted Micky regarding the project.
  • Need to have the newsletter done as economical as possible as to keep postage to a minimum.
  • Micky distributed an example of the front page of the newsletter to emphasize the RCI First Century.
  • Picture collection of Riverdale is now finished (62 pictures in total).
  • Alex Fokine will continue to do the minutes, but Micky will check before posting.
  • Micky has spoken to Alex Bostock regarding the Newsletter; Alex is most willing to do the newsletter. Micky will be producing the next newsletter, complete with pictures of RCI past.

Principal’s Report

  • RCI currently has 1,410 students enrolled (the facility was built to house 1,100).
  • All grade 9 students share lockers with Grade 10 students.
  • 420 Grade 9 students, no outer district students (61 kids turned away).
  • Cannot continue at the present rate. Common lunch of 1,410. The Board only finances 80%. RCI is 130% over-capacity.
  • Secondary School Reform – Academic, Applied or Open Level. 5 levels of courses, University, College, University-College, Workplace or Apprentice – board.
  • Incredible amount of change in an incredibly short amount of time.
  • Students are expected to do 40 hours of community work (parents will verify).
  • Problem with Grade 9: reading level is not at Grade 9, but lower.
  • Average Grade 9 class size is 30 – 33.
  • Micky will continue working on the Archives. He commented that he had lunch in the student cafeteria recently and was delighted by how pleasant and mannerly Riverdale Collegiate students continue to be.

Sculptor – Maryon Kantoroff – graduate of RCI

  • Since Humberside CI had celebrated their centennial with various artistic projects, it seemed only fitting that Riverdale do something special for the 100th.
  • Maryon Kantoroff has graciously offered to donate her fee in creating a bronze sculpture for the 100th anniversary that would reflect the school and capture the Riverdale spirit.The meeting moved to the music room and we watched the several videos produced by Maryon.
  • While we watched the videos, Maryon described the process of making a sculpture (literary allusion, expressing literary ideas in an object that expresses emotion). The example is the “Wave” at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo (the wave is symbolic of Canada –Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean “A Mari Usque Admare”)
  • Micky announced that he would need people to fold the newsletter once it is finished.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


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