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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:16 p.m.

Minutes: Alex Fokine

Present: Howard Birnie, Karin Normann, Phil Fairman, Judy Endacott, Ian Waldron, Micky Spillane, Kay Hoey, Diane Carlton, Linda Grieves, Bob Arnott, Peter Warren and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Bill Schley is in the hospital in Lindsay
Etty Green is looking after her Mom.
Petersen Chan arrived later.

Bob had talked to Micky regarding the agenda for tonight’s meeting. Corrnection from the previous minutes is the motto for Canada “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”.

Business arising from Previous Minutes

Diane had called Maryon Kantoroff to attend this meeting, but she stated that she might not be able to attend.

NEWSLETTER – Micky Spillane

Establish a procedure to get the newsletter out twice yearly (June & December). In order to facilitate this the following 3 committees are needed.

  1. Production Committee (Alex Bostock & Mick Spillane) – organize the newsletter to within 8 pages (81/2 x 11).
  2. Envelope & Stamp Committee – need people to do the 800 to eventually 2,000 envelopes that require stamped envelopes (as the school’s postage meter will not take stuffed envelopes).
  3. Fold & Stuff – possibility of using students interested in fulfilling their course requirement of community service to help with the folding and stuffing of the envelopes.

Need to have a fixed submission deadline of May 31st & November 30.

Need fixed dates for our meetings that can be put into the newsletter. Micky suggested a calendar for the next seven years (see attached).

Diane had a floating calendar. Tentative date for the Reunion is May 11 – 13, 2007 for the 100th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Establish a paper trail (see attached).

Establish a file for the RCAA at the school.

  • Tony Chan looks after the web page at RCI. As Alexandra has been doing a fine job of doing the minutes, Micky proofs and edits the minutes before sending to Tony to be posted on the Web. In the same manner the newsletter is sent to Tony to be posted on the Web. It is a different text format on the Web than in regular computer print – out. Micky is concerned that due to health reasons he may miss some meetings and is therefore unable to proof - read the minutes. Mickey asked for a volunteer to do the proofreading of the minutes and newsletter. The concern with doing the proofreading is that the web-site is for the whole world to read and we want RCI’s website to be professional looking.
  • Howard Birnie had volunteered to do the proofreading of the minutes and newsletter prior to giving to Tony Chan.
  • Next meeting is February 22 to discuss committee formation – everyone present needs to call at least 6 people to come out to this meeting.
  • Micky has tried to look for the 75th Reunion Minutes.
  • Kay Hoey suggested that there is a book from the 75th that lists all the committees.
  • Micky expressed his dissatisfaction that the Board had not paid the restorer of the pictures for three months. Micky had to pay on his credit card. The problem is the amalgamation of the Board from 6 to 1 has caused a financial catastrophe for the GTA schools. Ian mentioned that the Board does not print out Board letters. Linda has been paying for the Newsletter and Mailing. This will only be as long as Linda is Principal.
  • Reference to Humberside’s reunion committee started at 35 and went down to 20.
  • Linda mentioned that there is little interest by the staff because most of the staff will be gone in the next few years.

Century Book – Published in 2005.

  • Ian suggested that the money from the book goes to the Reunion Expense. Micky stated emphatically that “every sous” goes to the RCAA Alumni Scholarship.
  • Diane mentioned that we want the RCAA Scholarship to become self-sustaining.
  • Ian mentioned that the 75th Reunion of North Toronto raised thousands of dollars that is still coming in to the school.
  • We accepted that date of the next meeting of February 22 at 7:00 p.m. at RCI.
  • Request on the newsletter regarding Ken Brae. Ralph Peters may be able to write an article on Ken Brae.
  • Judy made a good point regarding sending the Newsletter to RCA Alumni or all on the database that Jean put together. Micky stated, as this is the 100th Reunion, we should send to all. Those not already on the Alumni will join.
  • Ian stated that if we want to preserve the traditions of Riverdale CI (or any highschool for that matter) we need to have an alumni involvement because all the extra-curricular activities that we took for granted may no longer exit.

Other Business

  • Peter is presently co-chair, but as he has moved out of town he wishes to step down as he cannot commit on a regular basis.
  • Bob mentioned that he is moving to Newmarket and will remain involved, but would like to resign as co-chair.
  • Treasurer’s Report - $ 2,662.98 in the Alumni fund.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.


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