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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:16 p.m.

Present: Irene King, Colleen Peacock, Diane Carlton, Phil Fairman, Bill Schley, Howard Birnie, Judy Endacott, Esther Munroe, Mickey Spillane and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Linda Grieve, Ian Waldron, Jane Robinson, June Ante, Etty Green and Kay Hoey.

Motion to accept the minutes by Diane Carlton. Seconded by Judy Endacott.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

  • Diane Carlton will be doing Fundraising.
  • Century Book – Mickey Spillane
  • Decade Coordinators – Alexandra Fokine
  • Mailing List – Howard Birnie and Judy Endacott
  • Venue/Hotel Accommodation – Esther Munroe
  • Communication – Colleen Peacock
  • Diane spoke to someone who specializes on charitable status. If you take money from a charity to promote an activity, the activity should make money for the charity.
  • For the next meeting, please set yearly goals / targets for the 100th Reunion.
  • Irene mentioned that a notice in the newsletter regarding contributors to the scholarship.
  • For the next newsletter the names of 36 contributors to the Scholarship will be added.
  • Discussions about having people leave money to the Riverdale Alumni in their wills.
  • Discussion about how to approach affluent Riverdalians.
  • The newsletter has been going to all the names we have collected (Non-alumni and Alumni).
  • Need to raise $ 30,000 for the sculpture to be created by Maryon Kantoroff.


  • Picture quality due to using the Board photocopier. This newsletter covers all the decades. Mickey would like a valid 3,000 mailing list.
  • Need more people involved. Also need to do research for all that needs to be done for the 100th.


  • Irene suggested that we should try to keep the interest of the members before the 100th.
  • Decade leaders should be approached by sending a letter regarding on how to fundraise for the 100th.
  • Discussion about revenue (1) for the party and (2) for the book. Mickey is concerned about where the money is coming from for the book. He is hoping to use either the Toronto Board of Education press facilities or University of Toronto Press.
  • Phil asked about the Queen - Broadview Business Association. Etty will look into this.
  • Mickey discussed the production and funding of the booklet for the 75th.
  • Bill suggested the next mailing include a notice requesting financial support from alumni for the creation and production of the Century Book. Bill to present at the next meeting written money-raising request for Century Book to be included in next newsletter.
  • Need to specify for the function a registration fee, price of the book and price of the evening function. Linda mentioned that she is happy to be on the alumni.
  • We are fortunate to have a principal that is an RCI Alumnist. Discussion about the restoration work presently being done on all the pictures.

AT 7:00 P.M.

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