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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:15 P.M.

Present: Etty Green, Diane Carlton, Linda Grieve, Howard Birnie, Phil Fairman, Bill Schley,
David Blatman, Judy Endacott, Charlene Dunstan, Karen Campbell, Doug Slade, Lynne Slade,
Peterson Chan, Maryon Kantaroff, Irene King, Mickey Spillane and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Ian Waldron, Kay Hoey.

Absent: Colleen Peacock, Esther Munroe

Introduction of the table

Previous Minutes

Etty Green mentioned that she had no recollection that she would be contacting the Broadview – Queen Business Association. This issue was discussed two meetings prior and as Etty is such a go – getter she was the ideal choice.

Motion to accept the minutes by Diane Carlton. Moved by Bill Schley and seconded by Judy Endacott. Minutes accepted.

Finance – Peterson Chan

The RCAA account has $ 3, 290.00.

Fundraising – Diane Carlton

Diane presented the names that donated to the Scholarship Fund.

Mailing Lists – Howard & Judy

Need to go through the two lists. Howard keeps the Alumni list while Judy has all the names collected from all the functions.

Decade Coordinators – Alexandra
Alexandra mentioned the problem of contacting the older graduates, i.e. from the 1930’s. Dr. Tom Pashby was the year rep for 1934 and is now 85, he stated that if he is alive in 2007 he will be there, but he did not want to commit. Alex will write an article stating the need for year coordinators. An idea of combining 1920’s – 1930’s (have 10 years combined).

Raising Money for the Production of the Century Book – Bill Schley
Bill read his letter on how the Alumni could support the production of the book. Charlene mentioned that she worked at a non-profit organization and that in such an organization there can be more than one bank account under the overall charitable account.

Mickey mentioned that approximately 70 to 75 large pictures have been restored in preparation for the 100th Anniversary and have now been returned to Riverdale. Mickey also stated that all the picture collections in the school archives (and there are hundreds of bristol board assortments) are the property of Riverdale Collegiate.

Mickey discussed contacting the Chalmers Foundation for help with the picture restoration and may even name the collection the "Chalmers Collection". David mentioned that at his previous school he found old music programmes and had them framed.

Irene mentioned that we should use the Board publications to find out when public schools have their anniversaries. Irene will call the Board regarding this issue and Peterson will make a poster promoting the 100th
Anniversary Celebration.

Irene mentioned that there should be a function or several functions before 2007. Irene will provide an article promoting this endeavour for the December newsletter.

Bill suggested that names of donors to the Century Book and various levels of contribution could be published in the book.

Need to compile a list of those people who might contribute financially to the creation of Maryon Kantoroff's Centennial Sculpture (e.g. Bitove, Stavro, Somalias, Jofer Kocao, and Juri Koor).

Maryon Kantoroff mentioned that she could approach the Founder of the Senior Sculpture School at Greenwin Square to help with the funds for the sculpture. Mickey asked Maryon if she would write an article about her sculpting ideas for the 100th.

1990 10th Year Anniversary Celebration – Charlene Dunstan contacted Mickey Spillane. Charlene asked about getting the 1989 – 1990 Graduating Lists. Problem of getting pictures from 1990 to photocopy (would mean leaving the school). Etty will supervise going to the archives to get the pictures.

Arts & Crafts Fundraiser

Principal Linda Grieve stated that if we wanted to rent the school we have to pay for the function. Even running a basketball tournament requires a rental charge.

Meeting ended at 9:10 p.m.


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