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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:15 P.M.

Present: Colleen Peacock, Diane Carlton, Kay Hoey, Karin Normann, Phil Fairman, Bill Schley, Irene King, Judy Endacott, Micky Spillane, Gord Petch, Joe Tsang
Regrets: Howard Birnie, Esther Munroe,
Absent: Etty Green

Introduction of the table

Previous Minutes
Two changes from the minutes of Sept. 11, 2000: the spelling of Maryon Kantaroff; Karin Normann was present.
Motion to accept the minutes by Bill Schley and seconded by Phil Fairman.

Chalmers Foundation - Micky Spillane is presently preparing proposal.
Micky has spoken to Dennis Mills and Marilyn Churley. Need to devise a plan to present to the Chalmers Foundation. This could help pay for the Centennial Book. Possibility of naming mounted picture collection after a donor.
Irene will talk to Petersen regarding a poster.

Linda Grieve - Reports
Secondary School Teachers are still threatening to strike. Teachers have withdrawn their services; for example, no lunch duty, no sports etc. Teachers have been negotiating for 7 months. Students have suffered and have taken action by staging walk-out.

Fund raising - Diane Carlton
The scholarship fund has $ 5,600. Fifty-four seats have been sold ($ 5,400). The scholarship has been in existence for at least 15 years. Need to specify how to improve scholarship funding in the next newsletter.
Diane will do this article.

Motion by Irene - An article be put in the newsletter at least once a year on the importance of donating to the RCAA Scholarship. Seconded by Colleen Peacock.
Motion carried.
Irene will contact the previous RCAA Scholarship winners.
Gord Petch was surprised that the scholarship was not supported. Gord mentioned that he is willing to write a letter to the alumni membership regarding donating to the RCAA Scholarship Fund. Howard will print out the address labels; Irene and Gord will write the letter.
Diane will provide the article regarding the Buck Foundation.

Century Book - Micky Spillane
Considerable funding is required to do the book. Major participants are Ian Waldron, drama; John Ford, music; Jim McAdams, Peter Warren and Emily Morino, sports; Howard Gotlib, history.

Newsletter - Micky Spillane
June newsletter will survey alumni regarding organization, structure and mission of the 100th Celebration. Phil suggested mentioning committees needed for organizing Centennial. Diane asked that the dates be included Kay Hoey mentioned that there was a folder from the 75th Reunion. Phil read the list of committees that Micky had prepared from the previous minutes. Micky has asked for our opinions regarding the survey preparation.

Decade Coordinators - Alexandra Fokine
Colleen Peacock will do 1985. Joe Tsang will do 1986. Notices will be sent.

Communications - Colleen Peacock
Look at various community papers. Possible email blitz. Gord mentioned about contacting the major newspapers and publishers. Karin mentioned using classmates.com to promote the Reunion.

Other Business
ill Schley apologized for not being able to do the donor title list due to a personal setback.

Sculpture - unfortunately Maryon was not here, but Diane described for the new people what Maryon has done. Possible cost of the sculpture is $ 30,000 (may be more). Need to contact affluent RCI graduates. For example, George Hammon architect who was influenced by a teacher at RCI.

New Business
Linda Grieves mentioned that we need a chairperson for the 100th Reunion. This is a six-year commitment. Need a person to control the budget. June Newsletter open nomination for the Chairman of the 100th. The June Newsletter will be devoted to the 100th Reunion. Possibility of doing a Wall of Fame of Riverdale Graduates. Book to be completed by 2005. Major problem with the 100th is the financial issue.


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