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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:15 P.M.

Present: Diane Carlton, Micky Spillane, Kay Hoey, Bob Foster, Bill Schley, Karin Normann, Ester Munroe, Phil Fairman, Gord Petch, Irene Kings, Judy Endacott, Etty Green, Linda Grieve, Colleen Peacok, Rob McBean, Howard Birnie, Dorothy Vardakas, Allan Allman (1936), Jim White, Doug & Lynn Slade, Kelly Kanellakis, Trudy Chin Kanellakis and Alexandra Fokine.

Introduction of table: Of note was Allan Allman the oldest graduate of RCI in attendance.
Correction of the minutes from the last meeting should read 2001 instead of 2000.

Motion by Diane to accept the minutes. Bill moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Phil. Motion carried.

Business Arising from Minutes.

Chalmers Foundation - Micky Spillane

Still pursuing with the foundation. Also talking with the Liberal Party (Dennis Mills) & Marlyn Churley, NDP.

Report of Scholarship - See attached page. - Irene King

  • In the past 2 years the RCAA scholarship could only give $ 500.00. Irene Kingmoved to investigate the number of people that didn't receive the full amount of $ 1,000. and only received $ 500. and to reimburse those people an additional $500.
    • Seconded by Lynn Slade.
    • Discussion.
  • Micky asked the question why only $ 500.00. The scholarship fund was down to $ 1,800. Micky expressed concern that we should continueto give $ 500 at the Fall Commencement until such time that there is adequate principle to generate annually the $1000. Alumni Scholarship.
    • Motion was defeated.
  • Discussion regarding getting professional investors. Scholarship is currently in a short-term note. Bill discussed the possibility of investing now at 5.25%.
  • Discussion on the Charitable Foundation whose founding members were Kay Hoey and Irene King and the Scholarship (originally started back at the 75thReunion by Doug Allen, Pauline Knude, Jane Robinson and Diane Carlton). All the paperwork of separating the two accounts is done by Helen Brandon, the school secretary, and as of this meeting the books were being audited. The outstanding issue to be determined is
    whether the Charitable Foundation Contributions and the Scholarship are being kept separately by Helen or shown together.

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