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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:15 P.M.

Present: Diane Carlton, Mickey Spillane, Bill Schley, Karin Normann, Gord Petch, Irene King, Etty Green, Linda Grieve, Howard Birnie, Tim Kuboniwa and Alexandra Fokine.

Regrets: Phil Fairman, The Slades, Kay Hoey, Ian Waldron, and Bob Foster.

Chalmers Foundation - Mickey Spillane

Mickey had submitted six letters to various charitable foundations. He has not heard from Dennis Mills. Mickey feels that he has the best chance with the Chalmers Foundation in that the photographs can be tied in with Lloyd Chalmers, who attended the school.

Investment Opportunities
- Bill Schley

Possible to have 5.1% Guaranteed Investment that would allow for an annual withdrawing of $ 1,000 for the Scholarship. Discussion regarding the Scholarship and what is the correct amount currently in the Scholarship (Need to have $ 20,000 to ensure the $ 1,000 annual withdrawal).

Mickey moved that we don't disturb the principle of $ 20,000.
Seconded by Bill Schley.
Motion carried.

Mickey mentioned that congratulations go to Gord Petch and Irene King for their outstanding work in getting an increase in the Scholarship Fund.

Survey Results - Mickey Spillane

Irene King has the results from this.

Decade Coordinators - Alexandra Fokine

Due to personal reasons, Alex could not report anything new for this meeting, but will be prepared for the next meeting.

Book Meeting Results (held at the Balmy Beach Club)

The consensus made from this meeting was we did not want to put aside $ 50,000 towards the publishing of the Century Book. Gord brought a book sample that was published on $ 8,000. Mickey stated that he would like to be involved with picking editors and publishers. (Diane gave a substantial contribution towards the book).


$ 1,000 will be given this year as Gord will top up the scholarship fund.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

This summer saw an increase of selling (to date - 86 seats sold). Four more sold today.

Membership -Howard Birnie

Just under 600 members.

Website - Karin Normann

887 members from Classmates.com. Howard requested that a more direct message about joining the RCAA.

New Business

Etty Green and Doug Slade have been working together on how the RCAA can be more effective with various sub-committees and one main committee. One of the obstacles is getting people to come out to meetings.

Fundraising Ideas for Start-Up Costs for the 100th

Trivia Contest about the Danforth - Gerrard Neighborhood. Etty will prepare an insert for the newsletter. Other ideas, pub night, Euchre Tournament, reprints of the Revielle (too costly), but could be scanned into CD Format, Alumni Garage Sale.

Meeting mentioned that the RCAA Treasurer has been unable to attend the meetings and Mickey would like to be reimbursed for expenses. Howard stated that he will contact Peterson concerning Treasurer.

Meeting called to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Next meeting in staff room, 7:00 P.M., Jan. 14, 2002

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