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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Minutes: Alex Fokine

Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Present: Colleen Peacock, Etty Green, Diane Carlton, Karin Normann, Connie Buck, Bill Schley, Howard Birnie, Doug Hobbs, Doug Allen, Irene King, Linda Grieve, Alexandra Fokine.

Regrets: Judy Endacott, Doug and Lynn Slade

Absent: Mickey Spillane

Introduction of New People

Doug Allen, who was the Second President of the RCAA, has returned.
Doug Hobbs - attended RCI from 1959 - 1965.
Connie Buck - scholarship on behalf of her husband.

Minutes from the previous meeting

  • Correction of information from Irene King forwarded results to Mickey Spillane.
  • Motion to approve the minutes. Seconded by Bill Schley. Minutes accepted.
  • Zoe Cormier, who was the 2001 RCAA Scholarship recipient, wrote a thank you note to the RCAA. Irene moved that the letter go to Mickey for the next newsletter. Motion seconded by Etty Green.

Motion carried.

Report to the Alumni - Linda Grieve

  • Linda Grieve reported that the Fairman family offered donations to the RCAA. The Fairman family donations will go towards the RCAA Scholarship fund.
  • Mickey has been working with Josten's on the book. Discussion of payment when the book is produced.

Fundraising Report - Diane Carleton

  • Problem of duplication of seat names. Need to do all the seats. Investments done by Bill Schley ($25,000). The interest will be paid out before Commencement.
  • A total of 99 chairs have been purchased.
  • Doug asked if the investment of $25,000 has a strong rate of return so that future scholarships can be increased. At this time this was difficult to answer, but we hope the 100th Anniversary will raise funds for the RCAA scholarship fund.

Note - Congratulations to Mickey for a great newsletter.

Decade Co-ordinators - Alexandra Fokine

  • We have had good luck with Classmates.com, but this is an on-going project and will continue until closer to the reunion date (2007).

Membership - Howard Birnie

  • We currently have 600 members.
  • Possibility of setting up a web-site for the RCAA. Karin will be presenting at the next meeting the cost of maintaining a website.

Treasurer - Howard Birnie

  • The RCAA has $ 5,491.37. Most of the expenses are in mailings. The school currently produces the newsletter. Discussion about putting the newsletter on a web-site.

Scholarship - Irene King

  • Total to date (Jan.14, 2002) - $ 22,415.00. Discussion regarding the amount received and amounts pledged. Irene will prepare a separate report. Very successful campaign by Irene King and Gord Petch.
  • Etty nominated Doug Slade as the Charted Accountant for the RCAA.

Other Business

  • Karin contacted alumni through classmates.com regarding John Ford (who passed away on Jan.1, 2002. A memorial service would be held at the Metropolitan United Church on Jan.26, '02. John Ford may have started at RCI in 1964.

New Business - Fundraising Kit

  • Most charities have a kit. In the fundraising kit, mention that someone pays for the publishing of the book. Discussion about the Century Book (but as Mickey was absent, we could only discuss from what was said from previous meetings).
  • Karin will send an email to classmates.com regarding the date of the next meeting.
  • Etty Green mentioned the pool situation and that the Alumni should get involved as the new pool is on the list of pools to be closed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Next Meeting is Tuesday June 11, 2002.

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