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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Present: Sue Martin, Helen Carswell, Allan Carswell, Colleen Peacock, Etty Green, Diane Carlton, Karin Normann, Eric Normann, Bill Schley, Bert deVries, Mick Spillane, Judy Endacott, Linda Grieve, Doug and Lynn Slade, Doug Allen, and Alexandra Fokine.

Regrets via email: Howard Birnie and Gord Petch. Kay Hoey, Tim Kubohiwa, Irene King

Etty Green chairing tonight's meeting.

Minutes:Alex Fokine

Introduction of the members (see above).

Special Guest - Bert deVries - Current Head of English at RCI. - Metro Toronto Debating Tournament

On Saturday February 8, 2003 - RCI is privileged to host the Metro Toronto Debating Tournament. Bert was hoping to get judges from the RCI Alumni as there will be a need of 3 judges per room with 25 rooms in use. There is a possibility of another strike in the Fall of 2002 and this may affect having the Tournament. The winner of the Tournament proceeds to the Provincial Competition. The Alumni agreed to publish this Tournament on the web-site as well as in the Newsletter. Etty Green volunteered to be the liaison to get the names of the judges.

Minutes from the previous meeting

Discussion about the actual date John Ford started teaching at Riverdale: 1964. Motion to accept the minutes by Etty Green; Moved by Diane Carlton and Seconded by Colleen Peacock.

Correspondence - Diane Carlton

Diane Carlton received a fax from Jim Hanna to organize a get-together at the Balmy Beach Club on Friday May 11, 2007 for the years 1945 - 1965.

Decade Co-ordinators - Alexandra Fokine

Judy has offered to give the list for the various decade coordinators. There is a need to talk to more people about the 100th Reunion. This is an ongoing project.

Newsletter - Mickey Spillane

Mickey presented "Newsletter Recommendations" which included having various writers for several columns: Scholarship, New Members, Obituary, Picture Collection, Classmates Web Page, & Auditorium Seat Sale.

Mickey has received numerous pictures. Goal is 200 pictures; now at just under 150 beautifully mounted and framed pictures depicting very facets of life at RCI in the last century. Possibility of sponsoring a picture @ $200 in recognitionr various Riverdalians. We do not have enough pictures from the 1950's. Any monies generated will go the Scholarship fund. Focus for the Reunion should be for the Scholarship Fund.

Discussion about writing an article of the Scholarship recipient and where are they now. Bill Schley will write the article. The Classmates Web Page article will be written by Karin Normann and the Auditorium Seat Sale will be written by Diane Carlton. Howard Birnie has been doing Membership Column.

Discussion about the purpose of the Alumni and Mickey pointed out that we had this discussion severalyears ago and that the mission statement appears under the logo of newsletter: "Promoting and maintaining a sense of community among all Riverdalians."

Foundation Bylaws:

Discussion about the Foundation Bylaws i.e. if we could borrow the money from the Scholarship to pay for the Reunion and the money raised from the Reunion goes back into the Scholarship. Doug Slade will investigate the Foundation Issue. The Trustees of the Foundation are Kay Hoey, Jane Robinson and Irene King.

Principal's Report - Linda Grieve

June 11 was the last day of class. "The Reveille "came out today (June 11) as well as the "Riverdale Spectator" the new school newspaper.

Two staff members retiring. There is no news on the school budget. The Teachers" contract will be ending on August 31, 2002. This year was a good year at Riverdale.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

To date 118 seats sold. Diane has used up all the "old" school hasty notes that she uses to thank people for their seat sale purchase and has ordered hasty notes with the "new" school image.

The Century Book - Mickey Spillane

Need to have discussion on whether we have a substantial hardcover book or something more moderate that may be part of registration package such as we had for the 75th reunion in 1982. Should discuss this after elections in September, 2002

Membership - Mickey Spillane

In the last newsletter we had 37 new members join. Judy and Howard have done a great job with doing the membership database. Karin is doing a great job with monitoring the Classmates website.

Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie

Howard was not present at tonight's meeting; he did send an email saying that we had $ 6,123.00 in the bank.

Scholarship - Gord Petch/Irene King

Gord nor Irene were not present; no report.

Website News - Karin Normann

Classmates.com has 1,477 Riverdalians. Only 234 people have responded to Karin. 1,030 Riverdalians have not responded to Karin's "Hi" Note.

Possibility of updating the current RCI website. Need to make the website more user friendly and modernize. Possibility of using a "free message board". Possibility of re-writing the RCI Alumni site.


Karin & Eric Normann will re-write the RCI Alumni to make it modern and interesting and present to the Alumni at the next meeting. Seconded by Colleen. Motion carried. Colleen will assist Eric Normann.

Diane handed out the Fundraising Kit (only 10 copies). Need some ideas for fundraising. Doug brought up the issue of the 100th Reunion Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Next meeting Wednesday, September 11, 2002.

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