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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Introduction of attendees:

Bill Schley ('55), Judy Endacott ('77), Diane Carlton ('57), Linda Grieve ('65),
Karin Normann ('59), Eric Normann (Visitor), Doug Slade ('58), Lynn Slade ('57), Tim Kubohiwa ('72),
Howard Birnie ('59), Arne Paarbor, Richard Hazzard ('60), Debbie Katsumi (nee Suyama '75), Dennis Tenn ('85),
Irene King, Mickey Spillane, Etty Green, Alexandra Fokine ('80).

Motion to accept the minutes by Diane, seconded by Lynn. Lynn mentioned that there was an omission in the previous minutes. Minutes should read, "Lynn Slade will be responsible for finding a venue for the reunion".
Motion carried.


  • Diane read a nice letter regarding RCI.

Business Arising from the Previous Meeting

  • Debating judges still needed by Bert deVries. Etty Green is the liaison to Bert deVries.

Foundation Issues

  • Can money in the trust be used for Alumni projects?
  • By-law issues - we can use the funds to generate more income for the Foundation.
  • Doug will call Revenue Canada regarding this foundation. (Directors of the foundation are Jane Robinson, Kay Hoey, Irene King and the current principal).
  • Doug and Bill will raise more seed money for the book and also for the actual Reunion in 2007.
  • East York Collegiate will be celebrating their 75th Reunion and it will be held at the Metro Convention Centre and Bill Schley will be participating in this reunion. Bill will talk to one of the organizers regarding this reunion.
  • Diane will write-up an article on "seed" money for the Reunion.

Rewrite of Web Page

  • Eric Normann has designed the web page, but he needs further information. Issue of names and addresses on a web-site could be a violation of privacy.
  • Lynne has volunteered to match up the Classmates.com list and the RCAA list.

Principal's Report - Linda Grieve

  • RCI currently has 1260 students and 71 full-time staff. Students are still sharing lockers. There are 340 Grade 9’s. This year is the double cohort: Grade 12 & OAC 13 will finish at the same time.
  • Currently the school is at 100% efficiency. To get more money the school should be at 90% efficiency.
  • All contracts have expired as of August 31 (teachers, caretakers and secretaries). Possible strike in Feb, 2003.
  • Sat. Oct. 5 - Oct.6: RCI will be on TV on the “Decorating Challenge”. The Student Council rooms at both schools need remodelling. RCI students will do the Student Council Room at Danforth Collegiate and Danforth Students will remodel the Riverdale Council room.
  • Commencement will be on Friday, November 15, 2002.
  • Possibility of having an alumni table at Commencement, but the response in the past was poor.
  • Bill Schley will present two music scholarships.

Diane - Seat Sale

  • 127 Seats Sold. Mickey suggested having a picture of a name tag for newsletter. There are 423 seats left.

The Century Book - Mickey Spillane

  • Need to discuss further at future meeting decision to have either a hardcover or modified book. Mickey suggested that based on alumni surveys received so far there is a clear indication that a booklet much like the one prepared for the 75th Reunion in 1982 and included as part of the general admission package price might be preferable

Venues for the Reunion - Lynne Slade

  • Lynne gave a report on various venues and costs: Sheraton - rent room for 500. Need to book 12-14 months before the event (2006). Metro Convention Centre requires $ 1,500 - $ 5,000 as a down payment. Cost of Meals around $ 60./person.
  • Other venues could be explored - Moonlight Ballroom (Bayview & Finch), Skydome? Maple Leaf Gardens? Lynne will continue to check out possible places.

Membership & Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie

  • The RCAA has 630 members and $6,438.95 in the bank. Twenty new members joined in 2002. Doug asked about the division of registered alumni; that is, graduation/attendance year(s) of registered Alumni
  • In future newsletters, the year for lost Alumni will be included (if we have it).

Scholarship - Irene King

  • Since the last newsletter, no receipts have been received from Helen.

Website News - Karin Normann

  • Classsmates.com: 260 alumni contacted for the debating event. There are 1,407 members at Classmates.com, but to send emails, you need to join Classmates.

Authors from RCI - Richard Hazzard

  • RCI produced 26 authors, but we need pictures. Richard Hazzard will do an article for the Newsletter (June). Irene asked that Richard be compensated, but Richard stated that the cost is low and he will donate his time.

New Business -

  • Election of Officers. The following were acclaimed:

    President - Diane Carleton
    Vice Pres. - Etty Green
    Treasurer - Howard Birnie
    Secretary - Alexandra Fokine
    Newsletter – Mick Spillane

  • 100th Anniversary Chair: leave this open until the next meeting. Mickey Spillane suggested Ian Waldron. Other names suggested were Jim Hanna & Allan Creswell.
  • At the next meeting, we need to discuss the committee for the Anniversary Program.
  • Probably need to order hasty notes.
  • Thank you to Linda for the coffee and cookies.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Next meeting Monday January 13, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at the School.

Minutes by Alexandra Fokine

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