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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Tonight's Chair - Judy Endacott

Introduction of attendees:

Diane Carlton, Bill Schley, Jim White, Howard Birnie, John McGuigan, Linda Grieve, Doug Allen, John Nigro (new RCI Principal) and Alexandra Fokine.


Micky Spillane, Kay Hoey, Etty Green and Karin Normann.

Diane moved that the minutes from the previous meeting (Sept. 11'02) be accepted. Bill Schley seconded. Motion carried.

Business Arising from the Previous Meeting

  • Etty is still looking for judges. Call Bert de Vries at the school.

East York Reunion - Bill Schley

  • Bill attended the concert. Bill has asked the East York Committee for Reunion details.

Web Page and Funding - Karin Normann

  • Karin was looking at paying Eric for the work on the new website (www.web.net/ericn./rcaa).


Howard and Diane to negotiate with Eric on what entails the cost of up to $ 1,000 of the web-site.
Linda seconded. Motion carried.

Malvern is having a Reunion this year (2003 - see www.malvern.ca)

  • Security issue of having address and names on the web-site.
  • Colleen mentioned about canadahelps.org that would give 3% to the RCAA just by pressing a button on your computer.
  • Membership will not be posted on the web-site.

Principal's Report - Linda Grieve

January is exam month. Second Term starts in February. Double cohort (actually 40% increase) 230 instead of 140. Need to apply to RCI by the end of February as long as you are in Grade 8 into Grade 9. RCI is a "closed" school in that you cannot transfer into RCI from another highschool (or grade).

Latest school issue is the removal of Department and Assistants heads. That is RCI currently has 27 Department Heads. By the end of June '03, there will only be 10 Department Heads. Also, Department Heads will have to reapply every 3 years. Also, at this time there is no contract for the teachers.

Linda's successor is Ralph Nigor and he will continue working with the RCAA. Also, Linda has managed to save $16,000 for the 100th Reunion.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

  • Sold 137 seats. Diane had extra hasty notes made.

Anniversary Book - Mickey Spillane (Report given by Linda)

  • On January 14th former RCI Athletic Dept. teachers were meeting with Micky. Josten's has met with Micky regarding the type of style of Century Book.

Membership - Howard Birnie

  • Currently we have 629 members. We have 1,200 mailing address, but who are not necessarily members.

Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie

  • We have $ 6,730.19 (44 new members). The odd number is caused by US funds.

Scholarship - Gord Petch and Irene King

  • No report given as both were absent.

New Business

  • Linda Grieve's Retirement - Diane presented Linda with a beautiful planter and a seat plaque. Linda will continue with the RCAA.

Nominations for the 100th Chairman

  • Ian Waldron, Jack Egan and others, but no clear winner. Still looking for a chairperson.

Discussion about fund-raising for the statues.

Next Meeting Tuesday June 10th, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at the school.

Minutes by Alexandra Fokine

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