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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Present: Diane Carlton, Lynn Slade, Doug Slade, Raidis Zemdegs, Colleen Peacock (Chair), Karin Norman, Etty Green, Walter Pompeo, Jim White, Linda Grieve, Ralph Nigro (current Principal of RCI), John McGuigan , Henry Tenn, Mick Spillane

Regrets: Alex Folkine, Howard Birnie, Kay Hoey

Colleen thanked everyone for attending. Self-introductions were made and new members, Raidis, John, Walter and Henry, were welcomed.

Minutes of January 03- adopted with the following corrections: Colleen Peacock was present; Ralph Nigro not John Nigor attended!

Correspondence: Diane read a lovely thank-you card from Linda Grieve.

Business Arising:

Debate: 19 Alumni attended this as judges. Teacher, Bert de Vries was delighted with the support and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Foundation: The by-laws, are about 15 years old and have been reviewed. Procedures are loose enough to allow the foundation funds to be used to generate increased funds. Recent fund raising generated over $25,000. This means the fund will easily cover the $1,000.00 award for the next five years. This basic amount has been figuratively removed from the funds we may use for other fund raising.. The goal is to make this fund collect enough interest to cover that yearly award and that will be the focus of fund raising at the 100 th Anniversary. We can borrow this money and pay it back. Signing officers on record may need to be updated.

East York Reunion: Bill Schely requested details of the planning committee for our review. Hopefully, Bill will have that for next meeting.

Malvern Reunion: That group estimated they had over 5,000 people through the school on the Saturday. They had two "decade" socials of a casual nature, on the Friday evening and a Gala on the Saturday night. Instead of using a downtown venue, they booked a dinner at Ellas. The limit was 400 persons and sold out quickly. Their goal was to keep the cost to about $50.00/person. Current staff and students had very little involvement and the year rooms were described as "modest". They charged $10.00 per person to register for the event. They had a soft cover book they pre-sold for $15.00 each and sold for $20.00 at the event. There seemed to be lots left over. They had CDroms available for sale as well. There was a staff lunch at the school on the Saturday.

This is a low cost way to go but this group was reminded the RCI had the largest crowd the Sheraton Hotel had ever had at the 75 th . All of our events are well attended and we have started early, where the Malvern group did not. We want people to be able to attend if they wish and hesitate to restrict access to that degree.

Etty will contact Kelly Kanalakis who said he was interested in creating a CD rom for RCI.. She will also create a request for the newsletter appealing for pictures from the 50’s: there are very few in the archives.

St Michael’s: Used Metro Convention centre. Charged $150.00 per person. Filled the place! But the Only money made was through the Silent Auction.

Locations: Large downtown hotels will book-$85.00 per person for dinner- at this time but you must guarentee use of 500 rooms! Metro Convention Centre- non-refundable. $5,000.00 down now Size of room, type of food to be set later. 90 days ahead- # people, 60 days- ½ the money, 10 days-full price to be paid.

Suggestions: Spirales- Don Mills and Eglinton- lots of parking, hold about 800 people, has relationship with RCI.

Theatres: Judy reported her employer has used the Bluma Appel and Canon Theatres for its events. Micky suggested old theatres like the Capitol.

Lynn welcomes any suggestions people may have. Please email ideas to here.


Principal’s Report: Ralph reports an interesting few months. He started the day the teacher voted to work to rule. That is ending this week. In spite of that, the term has gone well. 3 great teachers are leaving: Mr Fallis is retiring after 3 decades at RCI!!(he taught Judy!) Bonnie Drechsel retires after about 20 years and Mr Harrison is going to teach in Hong Kong. Exams start this week. The grade 9 testing will take place after the exams. Fall commencement will host 300+ grads!

Seat Sale: They keep selling! We have sold 151 so far.

100th Anniversary Book and Riverdalian and more: Picture collection: we have 21 new pictures. That brings us to about 163. They are being framed for display. Micky reported a lovely collage depicting the life of Morley Callahan. People are sending in nice material! All pictures will bear a plaque of the donor and appropriate caption. There has been some requests to "sponsor" the framing. Actual costs vary with the photo. This group needs to consider what price we would "charge" for that.

Riverdalian- very important vehicle for promoting the Anniversary. We need articles form the "committees" in each one: status of membership, seat sale, photo restoration, Anniversary book, venue issues, web page….especially the scholarship winners since fund raising for this is the goal.

We may need to increase to 3 issues per year as we get closer to the event.

Anniversary book: need to determine What we will create by September

Web page: Karin distributed the samples. This group approved that payment be made and authorized it as a GO! Thanks Karin.

New Business:

Emails: Karin asked for help in updating these. Lynn had already started! Judy reported she had just created group sends and tested it for the Withrow reunion. Ralph offered that the school could send group email for us. This is a good idea as virus-wary email users will recognize the school email address more readily than our personal ones. Judy will forward a list.

Nominations for Anniversary Chair: no takers at the table!

Golf Tournament: Henry will explore the possibility of setting up golf tournament for next fall (2004)

Privacy: Jim will create wording to be used in the newsletter re: our use of data collected. People are welcome to submit samples of wording to Jim: jwhite.jsw@rogers.com Our website is a "secure" site.

Liability: someone is going to investigate if we need this coverage. Who ?

Seat Sale/ Membership forms: add email address section when we reprint these.

Sculpture: we will need to contact Maryon soon for update.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
Or Wednesday September 10th?
7 PM at the school.

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