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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Minutes by Alexandra Fokine

Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Tonight's Chair - Colleen Peacock

Introduction of attendees: Karin Normann, Walter Pompeo, Ralph Nigro, Diane Carlton, Etty Green, Jerry Wells, Judy Endacott, Howard Birnie, Doug Slade, Debbie Katsumi, Jack Seto, Doug Hobbs, Peter Henkel, Alexandra Fokine, Mick Spillane

Regrets: Linda Grieve

Colleen moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Etty Seconded. Motion carried.

  • Etty read a letter from Bruce Corbett (Class of '57), urging the staff of 2006-2007 at RCI to become involved with the reunion.

Anniversary Locations - Lynn Slade

  • The best location would be Spirelli's (Don Mills & Eglinton), but it is too far in advance to book.
  • National Trade Centre needs a $ 5,000. deposit that is non-refundable.

School Report - Ralph Nigro

  • The school year began on a sad note with the tragic death of an RCI student. RCI had grief counsellors availabel for all students.
  • Joey Pomanti of the Moderns Department, after a long illness bravely borne passed away peacefully on September 7, 2003 in the Palliative Care Unit of St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Hopefully this year will be calm with respect to teachers and Queen's Park.
  • RCI currently has 1170 students.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

  • 24 new plaques to be made.

100th Book & Riverdalian - Mick Spillane

  • Mickey attended Malvern's 100th Reunion. Malvern produced a very nice book. Malvern focused on getting people to attend the event. Malvern raised $ 100,000, but spent $ 100,000.
  • Mick invited Chairperson Lynn Reed from Malvern to attend, if possible, our next meeting on January 12th.
  • Mick stated that our 100th Anniversary Book will be in a style and format similar to Malvern’s reunion booklet and will be printed by Josten’s
  • Membership and Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie
  • We currently have 647 members of the RCAA. We have $ 6,300 in our account.
  • Classmates is a good way to communicate about and within the RCAA.

Website - Karin Normann

  • After connecting on Classmates, Karin will be going to Paris to visit an RCI alumnist (Heide Fischer).
  • We have a 12% success rate with Classmates.com
  • Karin read the story about Gary Ellis (to the class of '70s-'80s).

New Business

  • Congratulations to Doug & Lynn on their 43rd Wedding Anniversary (especially as they are attending this meeting).
  • Jim White presents the Privacy Policy as it pertains to the website.

Motion to accept the RCAA Privacy Draft. Diane seconded. Motion carried.

October 23, 1982 , 75th Reunion

  • Diane made copies from the 75th Reunion to generate ideas for the 100th.
  • Letter read from an alumnist (Class of 1968) from Australia who is hoping to visit the school.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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