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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings


Meeting began at 7:05 p.m.

Introduction of the table:

  • Helen and Allan Carswells, Doug Hobbs, Linda Grieve, Judy Endacott, Colleen Peacock, Mickey Spillane, Lynne Reed, Bill Schley, Diane Calrton, Howard Birnie, Bill Coxon, Jim Hannah.
  • Regrets - Etty Green, Doug & Lynne Slade, Karin Normann.

Diane moved that the minutes be approved. Seconded by Doug Hobbs. Motion carried.

Diane read a thank-you letter from Danny Lee, the recipient of the RCAA Scholarship for 2003. Mickey said he would print it in the June Newsletter.

Howard received a letter from Ross McIntosh, former staff of RCI, stating how he enjoyed the newsletter.

Mickey had a letter from Donna Kinsman who loved the Newsletter, but missed having her name listed as a seat-sale supporter.

Principal Ralph Nigro unable to attend due to other Board business.

Nominations for Chair:

  • Need to put names forward.  Possibility of two chairs and a controller.  Let Diane know any suggestions. 
  • Also the Reunion location needs to be picked; Mickey suggested having the Saturday morning auditorium show, year displays and evening gala at the school, utilizing all the new school’s facilities – especially the atrium.

At this point, Mickey introduced Lynne Reed, Chairperson of  Malvern's 100th Reunion, who made the following points:

  • Malvern, being a  very old building, did not have the space; so Ted Reeve Arena was rented.
  • Malvern had a contact list of 3000; 2000 people registered and 1000 attended celebration at school on Saturday.
  • At Ted Reeve Arena  Loblaws provided the BBQ & food; Molson's provided the beer; Lakeview, the wine. The vendors realized any profits made. Loblaws also provided shuttle service  and  set-up of tables.
  • $ 10 registration fee was charged. This covered cost of bag, pen and  Reunion directions.
  • Reunion Booklet consisted of 80  stapled pages housed in a single colour soft cover which cost $6.00 to print. It was presold for $15.00; cost of book at the door, $20.00. Twenty-five hundred books were ordered: one thousand books remain unsold.
  • Many 1920's graduates attended and were recognized in auditorium show.
  • Former Teachers had a red coronation so that they would be recognized.
  • One person should organize the auditorium activity; there is a Board protocol to follow for school reunions.
  • Dinner/Dance was booked at Ellis Banquet Hall for 1000 at $50.00 a place. Sold 300 places; therefore, liable for 700 unsold seats. Ellis forgave 500 places; therefore, Reunion Fund had to pay for 200 unsold seats ($10,000. loss).
  • Also various years had pub nights on Friday; e.g., 50-60's at Balmy Beach and Bluffers Park at $30.00 a ticket; private party was held at the Alpine. “We were competing with ourselves with so much activity. Keep it simple,” Lynn urged.
  • Souvenirs: on-line ordering was fun, but a nightmare to administer. Many alumni were not familiar with computers and how to access webpage . Paying by credit is possible, but could be costly; have to have plate; charged 2% of each sale.  Sorting out orders was another nightmare. Had too many items; left with surplus. Keep it simple: offer only a few souvenirs.
  • Decade Rooms, complete with sign-in books, were a highlight of celebration and depended on registration numbers; e.g., 60's and 70's had 3 rooms respectively.  One of the hardest problems was finding people that you wanted to see. Had a Decade Coordinator.  Displays were uniform.  Malvern used students to help with displays, etc. (not much staff support for the Malvern Reunion).  Alumni band and Alumni Choir performed during Saturday morning auditorium show.  Rehearsed prior to the welcome at the auditorium. 
  • Lynn cited other costs; e.g., stage rentals, police, etc.
  • The Reunion at Malvern was just to pay the bills and not to make money.
  • Best to stay on-site; i.e., use your new school with all its lovely facilities. Don’t take on too much: you may get stuck with the bills.
  • The reunion committee had to clean-up on the Sunday.
  • Mickey thanked Lynn for sharing her Malvern Reunion observations with us, and especially for her recommendations regarding Riverdale’s Reunion in 2007.

General Reunion Comments:

  • Jim mentioned that having Decade celebrations in the new building does not have the same memory as when we had the old school building.  Linda mentioned that the Board closing of old building  had 800 people in attendance. 
  • Colleen attended the 75th Anniversary at Danforth and pointed out that  a  heated tent complete with a liquor license was used.
  • Possibility of a sock-hop at the school.

Marion Kantaroff:

  • Short discussion centered on RCI’s financial situation in determining what will be done. 

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

  • Sold 162 seats to date.  Problem of the nameplates falling off or being pulled off.


  • 100th booklet is underway.
  • Newsletter needs to have more articles.  Need more participation. Should contain reports from various committees; e.g., reunion venue, scholarship, etc. Length of the newsletter is 8 pages plus half page seatsale/membership application.  Adding more pages will require additional postage.  More input needed from the RCAA.
  • Doug asked about advertising in the 100th Booklet.  The 75th book did not have advertising, but if we need to we could.  Mickey suggested committee should be formed to look into this.
  • Also CD committee should be established. Malvern provided CD for $2.00 a copy.
  • The 162 framed pictures from RCI have been assembled and mounted on acid-free paper.
  • We were turned down in our request for funding by the Trillium Foundation. Foundation does not support schools. However, if we were to approach the Historical Society with our picture restoration project, they might support our Trillium request as a history preservation effort. It’s worth looking into.

Treasurer's Report:

  • Howard Birnie stated that as of December 31st, 2003 $ 6,793.40. is in the account.
  • Howard moved to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Bill seconded.
  • Motion carried.


  • Irene/Gord not here.

New Business:

  • Helen Brandon has retired from RCI.  She was responsible for signing for the charitable foundation.  Lucy Elby has taken over for Helen.
  • In recognition of Helen Brandon's contribution,  an auditorium seat in her honour will be purchased, and flowers will be sent to her by the Alumni Association.


  • Bob moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Next meeting: June 8th.

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