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Archive of Minutes from RCAA Meetings

RCAA Meeting held on Wednesday Sept. 15, 2004


Meeting began at 7:05 p.m. - Chaired by Diane Carlton


Introduction of Vice Principal Jennifer Chan starting this school year at RCI -


Introduction of attendees:


Bill Schley, Josie Marles, Walter Pompeo, Bob Watson, Karin Normann, Colleen Peacock, Linda Grieve, Doug Hobbs, Dennis Tenn , Debbie Katzumi (nee Suyama), Howard Birnie, Tim Kuboniwa, Linda Duffy (RCI Staff), Laima Linda (RCI Staff), Harriet MacDonald (RCI Staff),

Diane Carlton, Harvey Burt, Mick Spillane, Seppo Nousiaineu, Bill Coxon, Bruce McGregor, Kathy Wittekoek (Kuzyk), Jim White, Etty Green, Ralph Nigro (RCI Principal), Judy Endacott, Howard Birnie and Alexandra Fokine.


Regrets from Doug & Lynne Slade


Correction to the minutes: Correction to website discussion about students receiving credits as it would be up to the RCI on the amount of credits given.


Diane moved to accept minutes. Doug Hobbs seconded. Motion carried.


Correspondence via the web.


Karin had an email regarding Winston who would like to give John Ford's yearbook Reville collection. Karin will follow up with Ruth to get further information.


Members of the RCAF who attended RCI to be contacted for the 100 th .


Mick Spillane - had written to the historical society about receiving funding for the 100 th Century book.


Bruce MacGregor will be doing the music section for the 100 th Century Book. Mickey was delighted.


External server was purchased by Karin to host the RCAA website.


Issue about the taking pictures of the principals at RCI in that the pictures may all be bolted on the walls and cannot be removed.


Principal's Report - Ralph Nigro


Year 98 - Hired 5 new staffs. Enrolment is 100 over projection - 1210 instead of 1100. Hopeful to get additional staff. Three volunteers to help out the from RCAA (Laima Linde, Harriett MacDonald, Linda Duffy current staff.)



Riverdale Reunion Chairpersons - Linda Grieve and Doug Hobbs (Doug Slade sent his regrets)


Two full day meetings about organizing the Reunion . We will need an Executive Committee to oversee the organization. From there we would have different groups. 15 Committees need to be formed to organize the 100 th . RCI staff and students had assisted with the 75 th Reunion and should be called upon to assist for the 100 th Reunion .




We are 3 years away and it is too soon to organize the fifteen committees that will be needed to organize a successful Reunion . The middle of January, 2006 will be the target for all of the committees to begin. This will give us a full year and a half.


Any selling of the items of should be going towards the school (meaning that items be sold for fund-raising towards RCI students groups, ie. Student Council, GAA & BAA).


The current grade 9 and grade 10 will be in their senior year in 2007 and it would be possible for these students to scan all the yearbooks and put in DVD or CD format.


Maryon Kantaroff to be asked to donate a sculpture to the RCI Atrium. Much too expensive to have her create sculpture specifically for RCI Reunion, even though she would freely give of her time and talent, The problem is that the RCAA would need to pay about $ 25,000 to have the mock-ups made.


Mickey had suggested that we look at Maryon's present collection. Diane will write to Maryon and inquire about her current selection.


Discussion about the 100 th Social. Bottom line is that we do not want to incur debt. Many recent Reunions did not make money at the Social (example, Malvern's 100 th ). The cost for finger foods at a Downtown location is $60 - $70 just for finger food, and this doesn't take into account into parking costs that people would have to pay. Suggestion about informal Pub night (like Danforth Tech's) and a more formal gathering on Saturday. Checked costs at Ellas, Embers and Sporella's; could cost $50 if we could guarantee 1,000 people (Malvern's reunion had only 300 people at Ellas Banquet when they had guaranteed 1,000). Do we only go with an informal Friday night with Saturday formal or a formal Saturday and individual parties happening on Friday? This is something that can discussed at the next meeting in January after everyone has had a chance to discuss these ideas among themselves.


Bruce MacGregor had mentioned about having a logo made for the 100 th Reunion . Andy Donato had donated his time to design a logo for the Danforth's reunion. Discussion about having RCI students to have a contest to for the 100 th to design a logo for the 100 th .


Colleen had made a suggestion about the having a large tent at Downsview. Suggestion about using a tent, but the problem of setting-up. Show of hands regarding having a Friday or Saturday night formal. It didn't matter to the current members of which night. The co-chairs will take our input.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton


Not much sold, but we still have a problem of the plagues being taken down.



100 th Book & Riverdalian - Mickey Spillane


Bruce MacGregor will be organizing the music section for the book. All sections will be written. Deadline of the book is December 31, 2005 . The book will be available in May 2006. Cost is approx. $ 24 - $ 27. Book will be around 240 pages.


Newsletter for Christmas deadline will be October 31, 2004 . Mickey will be changing the logo on the Newsletter and may be looking at the idea of doing the logo for the 100 th Reunion .


The 100 th book will be literary, anecdotal and have many photographs.


Membership & Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie


700 paid members and $ 7,558 in the bank. Mickey asked about putting the finances of the RCAA in the Newsletter. It was suggested that an annual report would be preferable




Irene King and Gord Petch were not here, but Diane mentioned that she received $ 200 over the summer. Alexandra will call Irene regarding the RCAA scholarship.



Web-site - Karin


Notice to Classmates.com was sent out. Web-site set-up. Site was visited by 405 for August. Paying on-line for memorabilia was suggested. Interest expressed in having the RCI teachers posted on the RCAA website. An event for the 1950's is posted on the site. James Stevenson passed away this year.


Bruce MacGregor moved a vote of thanks to Mickey Spillane formally for the excellent June, 2004 newsletter.


Discussion about doing a golf tournament to raise funds, but the problem is that the RCAA could not be responsible for anything that would occur on the course. Also considerable time and effort would be required to organize such a tournament.


Next Meeting - January 10 th, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.

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