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RCAA Meeting held on Monday January 10, 2005


Attendees: Karin Normann, Bruce McGregor, Linda Duffy, Linda Grieve, Ralph Nigro,

Doug Slade, Lynne Slade, Etty Green, Colleen Peacock, Marian Jen, Jim White, Sandy Corscadden (nee Gabriel), Bill Coxon, Seppo Nousiainen, Diane Carlton, Mickey Spillane,

John Fallows, Howard Birnie, Teresa Mastranow, Alexandra Fokine. (My apologies for any names that are incorrectly typed as I was going by a sign-in sheet, for next meeting a sign-in form will be given and stated to please print.)


Recording Secretary: Alexandra Fokine


Regrets - Bob Watson was in a car accident over Christmas.


Doug Hobbs chaired meeting.


Motion to accept the Minutes from the last meeting - seconded/carried.


Correspondence - Diane Carlton


Letter from RCAA scholarship winner - belated thank you from Lucy Wu 2004 RCI graduate.


Thank you to Ralph for the refreshments.


Correspondence from Ann Ellis Taylor - Called to say how happy she was about the RCAA Newsletter.


John Ford's Reveille Collection - Karin


Winston dropped off John Ford's entire collection of Reveille's and they are all in the archive room.


100 th Book - Mickey Spillane.


Nothing new to report as everything is on schedule, but Mickey is always looking for articles.


Diane Carlton - Letter to Maryon Kantaroff


As we didn't collect enough money to have a sculpture, Diane has asked if Maryon would donate a small sculpture and the RCAA would issue a charitable tax receipt.


Principal's Report - Ralph Nigro


Grade 8 Parent's night to be held Thursday (Jan. 12). All sports teams are up and running. Commencement was very successful. A donation $ 150,000 to generate 8 French bursaries of $500 each was received by RCI. The semi-formal was very successful.

100 th Anniversary Committee - Linda Grieve


Main issue is to determine what are we going to do for our Social Event. Significant is the event cost. An informal social would be $ 50 max. (A sit-down dinner would be $ 80). Also, we need to decide if we require 100 th logo as well. Discussion regarding day: if held on Friday out of towners may not be able to stay over-night. Saturday night is very expensive in booking due to the wedding season. There are many pros and cons about having a Saturday or Friday night event. The straw poll that was held suggested that most people want Saturday (as most people work late on Friday and it would be difficult to arrange).


Seat Sale - Diane Carlton


21 Seats sold. We need to have the nameplates screwed on as the nameplates fall off.


Membership & Treasurer's Report


The RCAA currently has 700 members.


Our account is at $ 7,855.48.


Danforth charges an annual fee, but the RCAA had made the decision not to have an annual fee.


Scholarship - Irene King & Gord Petch


We need to find out if Irene and Gord are still interested in the alumni scholarship


Website - Karin


Need to still get some kinks out. Unique visitors. 250 RCI alumni are with Classmates.com. Riverdale Leather Jacket to be donated for framing. Marion Jen (Class of '79) is determining if there is a larger class list for her year. Due to the new Privacy Act, we cannot as an organization give out any information without having the permission of the people concerned.


New Business


Bruce McGregor - Musical Plans


Ants & Mat Sulev for bands and Doug Couke for strings and Ralph Peters for choir. Before any music to be organized, Ralph Nigro needs to talk to the current music staff and inform them about this initiative.


Reveille's to be scanned.


It will be a very tedious project in that every page will need to be scanned and then properly cleaned up.


Will look into CD scanning of the Reville.



Logo for the 100 th:


Suggested that the current RCI art department could do this.


Possibility of making a DVD/CD for the 100 th event.



Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Next Meeting will on Tuesday, June 7 th , 2005


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