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RCAA Meeting held on Tuesday, June 7 , 2005


Minutes: Alex Fokine

Attendees: Tim Kuboniwa, Lynne Slade, Doug Slade, Bill Coxon, Miranda Wong, Karin Normann, Etty Green, Bob Nicholls, Bob Ralph, Art Smith, Harriet MacDonald, Jack Seto, Mickey Spillane, Howard Birnie and Alexandra Fokine

Absent: Judy Endacott and Diane Carlton

Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Doug Slade chaired the meeting in place of Diane Carlton (started the meeting without the use of an agenda).

Introduction of table (special alumni from 1947)

Northern Secondary Reunion Report:
Linda and Ralph had attended the 75 th Reunion for Northern. Recent reunions (e.g. Malvern, Northern) had financial difficulties. The purpose of the RCI 100 th Reunion is to raise money for RCI Scholarships and not incur debt.

Northern has 2000 student enrollment compared to the 1,000 students per year from RCI. Northern had a 4-day Reunion, which consisted of Art Display, Music Night and a Pub Night. Saturday school event consisted of a staff breakfast, but there was the problem of former students meeting with the former staff. Also, a fashion show was held as Northern has a fashion program. Northern only did a program and not a reunion booklet. Decade rooms were not very popular. Dinner was done on the Saturday at Northern (caterer ran out of food, therefore, we were advised not to cater the food at the school). Also on Sunday all Athletic events (rugby, football, basketball) took place. RCI's Reunion will be Friday Night and Saturday. Northern registration fee was $30.00, which included a program, pen and bag. Advised to have the registration form on-line and then mail in the registration form as it was recommended not to have on-line registration. Too many problems. The alumni did all the decade rooms and the best rooms were the 1950’s. Parking was a problem at Northern. Also, there was a bulletin board at the entrance for the teachers' who were arriving on the day of the reunion. Northern does not have a newsletter like we do.

Venue Search:
The challenge of finding a venue is solved. The Spectacular Embers at 781 Warden is the location of choice and is now booked for Friday Pub Nignt and Saturday Gala Night, with a deposit of $2,800 for booking. We have booked the Embers guaranteeing 450 people, with the option to increase the number of rooms as the number of people increases. The Saturday Night event must be by pre-registration. We were committed to not having an event costing more than $50.00, as we wanted to keep the price affordable.

Web Site:
School web site is to be linked into the alumni web site.

Jim Hannah’s Party:
Discussion took place about Jim Hannah's party of the 1940's - 1970's that was to be held at the Balmy Beach Club, but since there is an informal pub night held by the RCAA, Jim decided that he would need to cancel his scheduled party.

The Century Book - Mickey Spillane
Approx. 204 pages - Deadline for article submission is December 2005. This gives Mickey exactly one year for editing in preparation of hopefully printing the booklet in the fall of 2006.

The sub-committee could hold a Silent Auction.

Handout describing the Centennial Booklet, photo gallery, pub night, staff breakfast, Saturday night gala has been suggested.

Need to have at least 12 committees for the reunion. Especially need 5 starter committees: Registration Committee, Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee, Web-site Committee, Public Relations Committee and a Decades Rooms Committee. Need to start meeting in September 2005.

We are now down to two school years from September 2005 to prepare for the 100 th Reunion.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Next meeting will be September 14 th, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

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