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RCAA Meeting held on Wed. September 14, 2005

Minutes: Alex Fokine '80
Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.

Attendees: Etty Green, Bob Ralph, Dennis Tenn, Rod Ioi, Bruce McGregor, Walter Pompeo, Doug Hobbs, Doug Slade, Ralph Nigro, Judy Endacott, Jack Seto, Debbie Katsumi, Elaine Dalziel, Colleen Peacock, Jane Eberhard, Mick Spillane, Diane Carlton, Jim White, Laima Linde, Bill Coxon, Howard Birnie, A. Sulev, Marietta Levinson, Jane Robinson, Seppo Nausiainen, Miranda Wong, Richard Hazzard. (Please note as the names were signed on the attendance sheet, I did have difficulty in transposing, apologies for any errors in advance).

Diane apologized to the committee for missing the previous meeting in June.

Motion by Doug to accept the minutes from June 7th and seconded by Etty and accepted.

Website: Karin Normann
Correspondence received from Karin concerning the RCAA website stated she is unable to monitor the website. Karin provided the names of Walter Pompeo (1965), Bob Watson (1963) and Dennis Tenn (1985) as possible members of the website committee.

Business Arising:

Fundraising for the 100th Century Booklet: Mick Spillane
Mickey mentioned that the Trillium Foundation has in its guidelines that it does not provide grants for schools; however, if RCI were to approach an historical society and have them represent us by presenting to the Trillium Foundation our effort to creat a substantial collection of beautifully framed photographs depicting the Riverdale Collegiate story over the last century, we would very likely receive support. Mickey suggested that someone might like to take on fund-raising for the 100th Anniversary Booklet by persuing potential grants and ads.

Fundraising Committee:
Colleen Peacock, Diane Carlton, Judy Endacott

Embers Deposit: - $ 2800 paid by RCI (Principal Ralph Nigro).

Letter to Maryon Kantaroff - Diane Carlton
Diane will look into the possibility of Maryon fashioning a small statue to be used as a fund raiser. Perhaps art students could be involved.
Mickey mentioned that he is putting together a framed selection of photos of Maryon's work as part of the RCI Centennial Photo Collection that will be on permanent display in the school .

Principal's Report: Ralph Nigro
RCI currently has 1200 students; 79 teachers of which there are15 new teachers. All the sports are up and running. Also there is good news on the labour front (contract talks). The school will have a dedicated alumni phone number.

100th Anniversary Committee: Doug Hobbs
For the January 9th meeting , we should have all the committees organized to begin the preparations for a successful 100th Reunion.
Committees Required for Registration, Fund-raising, Web-site, Public Relations

Music Report: Bruce McGregor
The RCI band will perform at the 100th Anniversary Assembly. Will try to contact former staff and students (Barid Knechtel, Doug Couke and Barb Peters). Bruce will also submit the music section to Mickey Spillane by November 30, 2005.

Souvenirs: there will be a future report regarding the type and quantity.

RCI students: Possibility of using student support and help.

Decade Representatives: need to do an article in newsletter explaining great need in this area.

Dates to Remember:
Friday night at Embers (May 11, 2005)
Saturday night at Embers (May 12, 2005)

Christmas Newsletter: Mickey mentioned that the next newsletter would be published in January 2006 to accomodate all the 100th Reunion information, events, registration, etc.

100th Book: Mickey Spillane
The various sections such as Principals, Decades, Art, Sports, Library, Drama, Music, Anecdotes, Writers are coming along well. The Sports and Art sections are very well done. History section is somewhat difficult and will require considerable effort. Technical problem exists in using pdf for proofing and pagination; however, this can be overcome by using Adobe's latest Acrobat 7 Professional.
Mick would like to see more anecdotal material and urged everyone to send him some story (80 words, more or less) describing their RCI time.

Seat Sale: Diane Carlton
208 seats sold. Have not resolved the issue of the plaques being pulled off the back of auditorium seats. Mick mentioned the possibility of having a large plaque listing all seat names mounted in the auditorium .

Membership: Howard Birnie
Now have 781 paid-up alumni members.

Bill Schley has leukemia and could not come to the meeting.
Not sure about the status of the scholarship fund. Doug Slade will contact Bill.

New Business:
Next Meeting January 9th, 2006, 7:00 p.m.

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