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RCAA Meeting held on January 9th, 2006

Minutes: Alex Fokine '80

Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.

Attendees: Sandra Fraser, Linda Duffy, Etty Green, William Schley,
Linda Grieve, Karin Normann, Jim White, Tom Wilson, Seppo Nousiainen, Linda Romito, Bob Watson, Craig Sherman, Bob Nicholls, Bob Ralph, Howard Birnie, Johanne Ciani, Colleen Peacock, Doug Slade, Diane Carlton, Ann Papas, Chris Glowienka, Stretch Hopkins, Ants Sulev, Lisa Ng, Mick Spillane and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Bruce McGregor, Judy Endacott, Ralph Nigro.

Meeting chaired by Diane Carlton

Former Principal Linda Grieve represented Ralph Nigro for tonight's meeting, as today was the first day back after the December 26th slaying of Jane Creba, Grade 11 RCI student.

Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

Received correspondence from Anthony Davis and Joyce MacKinnon regarding "Seat Sale" recognition.

Principal's Report - Linda Grieve

January 9th was a difficult day due to dealing with the media. The Board of Education was very helpful in assisting Riverdale staff and students to deal with the tragic death of Jane Creba. RCI has been in the news twice this school year due to the deaths of two student. Linda mentioned that there was a media circus around the School and it was a difficult day for everyone. She announced there will be a Town Hall Meeting on January 26th to assist in the healing process for the surrounding Riverdale Community.

100th Anniversary Committee:
Linda Grieve, Doug Hobbs (today in Florida), Doug Slade

The first Riverdale Reunion Committee meeting was held on April 12, 1999 in the school staff room. We have learned from other high school reunions (Danforth, Northern, Malvern) that it's easy to lose money. The School is presently designing a banner. The School is doing the RCAA website. There will be a Phone number and website indicated on the banner.
A scaled version of the banner was distributed during the meeting.
Objective of the 100th Reunion is to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. All proceeds after all Reunion bills are paid will go back into the trust fund.

Important to have someone in school office to keep record of deposits and monies in general. We need to find out from school that this is.

As part of the registration package, participant would receive the following: Centennial Anniversary Booklet, bag, pad and school pen. Cost of package is $50.00.

Copy of Registration Form was passed around during the meeting and is a work in progress.
Suggested order of events for the Reunion week-end form:

Pub Night - Friday May 11th, 2007:
$ 10/person to attend the Embers Banquet Hall. We kept the cost at a minimum so that we can have maximum attendance. There is to be no sit down dinner due to the cost (Malvern lost money as only 300 attended when the hall was booked for 700). There will be drinks for sale at the bar and free finger food only.

Saturday Morning May 12th, 2007:
Staff breakfast at the school.

Saturday Night "Spectacular Embers"
Cost still under discussion.

Sunday May 13, 2007:

Events at the school. Still under discussion.

Due to the expense of merchandise we will be offering only mugs and T-shirts as well as the Centennial book. Price of Centennial Booklet at the event will be $50.00.

Idea of Fundraising at the 100th Reunion will be taken up at a later date.

Registration information will be sent out in 2006.

Different tickets will be printed for the 3 nights.

Discussion about the Registration form and Howard will work on this form with his committee.

Alumni Band:
Ants Sulev said he and Bruce McGregor will organize band.

100th Commemorative Sculpture:
Mickey and Diane will contact Maryon Kantaroff re sculpture for permanent display in the atrium. Mickey has prepared a framed collage of some of Maryon's works for permanent display in the school. He hopes to show this collage to Maryon when he and Diane meet with Maryon.

Fundraising Seat Sale Committee - Diane Carlton
Need to replace 62 nameplates that have been peeled from auditorium seats. Diane needs suggestions how to keep the nameplates on the chairs.

100th Reunion Book - Mickey
Book is well under way. Stressed that it is important to keep submission deadlines and urged everyone to have their materials in by deadline.
He also mentioned that an RCI donor who wishes to remain anonymous has offered to pay for Riverdalian Newsletter mailing.

As Gord Petch and Irene King have not been involved with the scholarship for sometime, Diane will follow-up with the school regarding the scholarship.

Treasurer - Howard Birnie
Deposit of $2,800 already paid to Embers. As of December 31, 2005 we have
$ 6,647.19 in the RCAA account.

Next meeting is June 6th, 2006 at 7:00 p.m., staff room.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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