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RCAA Meeting held on June 6th, 2006

Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.

Chair: Diane Carlton
Minutes: Alex Fokine

Attendees: Linda Grieve, Linda Romito, Johanne Ciani, Micky Spillane, Diane Carlton, Karin Normann, Etty Green, Doug Slade, Ralph Nigro, Debbie Katsumi, Jerry Wells, Bob Ralph, Bob Nicholls, Doug Hobbs, Art Smith, Bruce McGregor, Harriet MacDonald, Richard Newberry, Tim Kuboniwa, Jim White, Howard Birnie, Mary Lou McNeill, Alexander S. Bosika, Ted Tsiakopoulos, Dennis Tenn, Ed Travolo, Craig Sherman, Laima Linde

Letter Circulated  from 2005  RCAA Scholarship recipient; will be reprinted in the upcoming Riverdalian Newsletter.

Resolution of Website: Karin Normann

Tony Chan and his students are maintaining the website.  Karin will continue to pay for the website. We do not want to lose the website before the 100th.

Meeting with Maryon Kantaroff - Micky Spillane

Maryon has generously offered to donate her time and talent to creating a sculpture commemorating the RCI Centennial. She has made an appeal to the Canadian Arts Council for funds towards the atrium sculpture.  A promotional kit was prepared by Maryon  to show the sculpture.  A sculpture done in bronze would cost  $50K.  Material for the sculpture is under discussion.  Funds for the sculpture will be raised  independent of the RCAA. The newsletter will continue to promote fund raising..

Principal's Report

June is busy time due to exams.  Boys’ Senior Basketball team won the championship (it was 42 years ago since this occurred).

Anniversary Committee - Linda

Several meetings with Ralph.  Prepared the registration form.  No cost to attend the Open House on the Saturday.  No cost to the alumni on the Friday Pub night at the Embers as we are having a Saturday function.  On Saturday morning there is a staff breakfast (no alumni will be attending).  Ralph had suggested that the Grade 10 students will prepare the Decade Rooms as part of their history study.  Bruce McGregor is responsible for the music performances.  The GAA & BAA will be running a BBQ for a fund-raiser.  For the Saturday night function, we are hoping to have at least 450 attendees.  The committee has learned from other schools’ experiences that a Dinner Gala can be a big money loser; it is important that this does not happen for the  Riverdale 100th.  Riverdale presently has a database of 1800 alumni. This is an excellent start in getting out the word to alumni

Event Advertising

It is too early to advertise as yet, but one of the best ways is by word of mouth.  The push for advertising will begin in January.

Anniversary Committee has done a great job in compiling the registration form.

Framed Picture Collection – Mickey Spillane

Presently there are 172 framed pictures of Riverdale events, telling the story of RCI over the past 100 years. This collection  will be a permanent display. 

Alumni Membership

Discussion regarding newsletter distribution centered on fact  that the 1800 alumni are not all paid-up members. The  RCAA has been generous in allowing for all to receive the newsletter.  After the 100th, only those members who have paid the $25. will receive the newsletter.

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

Sold 260 seats.  The problem is that the students peel off the nameplates.  Need to test if the nameplates can be screwed into the chairs.  The problem is that the seats are plastic and may not survive a drill bit. There  was a suggestion of having a display case for the nameplates. 

Riverdalian Newsletter Mickey Spillane

Expressed concern that using legal size paper for Anniversary Registration Form restricts the Riverdalian Newsletter to 4 pages, if we are to stay within the standard postage rate of $ .51.

Also, stated concern that legal size paper would necessitate alumni using 4 sheets of  8x11 size paper to download application from RCI website.

Urged that anniversary booklet  title be  corrected on Registration Form to read Riverdale Centennial Anniversary Booklet  and not by 2 different and confusing  titles that are presently used on back of Registration Form.

Booklet is being done as pdf and is being proofed by 5 readers.  

Memberships - Howard Birnie

Last newsletter has generated a large number of new members and has been very helpful in expanding our mailing list.

Treasurer - Howard Birnie

We have $ 7852.14 in our operating account

Scholarship - Gord Petch & Irene King - Diane Carlton

Need to find out for if the scholarship fund is maintained separately.


New Business

Riverdale Appreciation Certificate

In 1984 there was a certificate developed by staff and students to recognize and to show appreciation to alumni, staff and friends of Riverdale who have assisted  RCI in an extraordinary way.  Mickey spoke on Tom Clifford’s extraordinary support over the years and moved that Tom be recognized (posthumously) with a Riverdale Appreciation Certificate.  The motion was seconded by Principal Nigro and passed unanimously.

Alumni Donation

Allen and Helen Carswell  donated  $100K to set-up two scholarships (one for music and one for science).  Allen Carswell received the Order of Canada last August. Both Allen and Helen had met at Riverdale and have fond memories of their time at the school.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20


Next Meeeting:  Wednesday, September 13, 7:00 pm, School Staffroom.

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