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RCAA Meeting held on September 13, 2006

Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.

Chaired: Diane Carlton
Minutes: Alex Fokine
Attendees: Johanne Ciani, Ed Travolo, Dianne (Leslie) Williams, Etty Green, Judy Endacott, Linda Duffy, Doug Slade, Diane Carlton, Bob Ralph, Bob Nicholls, Bob Watson, Karin Normann, Jerry Wells, Doug Hobbs, Jim White, Mich Spillane, Craig Sherman, Linda Romito, Howard Birnie, Ralph Nigro, Miranda Wong and Alexandra Fokine
Regrets - Colleen Peacock, Jane Eberhard, Linda Grieve
Correspondance - Diane Carlton
For the first time Diane did not have any correspondence.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Seat Sale Name Plates: problem attaching them to auditorium seats. Diane suggested using a cabinet to display nameplates. Possibility of putting the plaques in the balcony area. Various suggestions on how to protect the nameplates. The deadline for installation is May, 2007. Ralph will contact a senior facility manager to find out if there is way to attach the nameplates.

Sculpture: Maryann Kantaroff is awaiting news from the Arts Council for funds towards the atrium sculpture. The art piece will be designed to function like a seat and it will stand 14 - 17 ft. high. Maryanne met with Ralph to discuss sculpture fundraising ideas involving the students of RCI. Possibility of getting local business to fundraise towards atrium sculpture. Need to form a committee. Bob Ralph, Bob Nicholls, Johanne Ciani will be the fundraising committee to approach area businesses.

Appreciation Certificate: stored in the school vault and will be given at a future date to the niece on behalf of the late Tom Clifford in recognition of Mr. Clifford’s life-long support of and interest in RCI.

Principal's Report - Ralph Nigro:
Current enrollment is 1,243. Everything is up and running. Repairs have been made to the smaller gym floor damaged by recent flood. New bleachers for the large gym have been installed.

Charitable fund: $ 25,000 GIC is coming due. Principal will look after re-investing. Possibility of looking into the Board to do the investing as they may get a better rate. Board policy is saying that schools should no longer do their investment. The Board does keep each school's account separate and there is a monthly statement.

Reunion Registration: school is ready to accept registation forms and cheques.

Decade Rooms: the history department will look after the Decade Rooms for the 100th. This will involve the Grade 10 students. Reunion Staff Breakfast Mailout has been done.

Decade Rooms: Miranda Wong mentioned that she collected money from her year (1985) towards the decade room.

100th Anniversary:
Doug Hobbs & Doug Slade reported. The push will start after January. Made contacts with Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and National Post for publicity. We have a strong alumni base, which is unique in Toronto. We sent out 1700 newsletters.

Registration: so far we received 65 registrations.

Parking: have talked with Police regarding limited parking in area and requested that parking tickets not be issued during Saturday’s event. First Aid will be available on-site for the Reunion. Provincial papers will carry news of the Reunion. Gerrard Square has offered to set-up a display about the 100th Reunion. Small Posters will be designed to put in store windows. Reunion Banner will be put up; previous one was damaged.

Seat Sale Diane Carlton:
270 seats have been sold; still have 560 seats left to be sold.

Riverdale Centennial Anniversary Booklet - Mick Spillane
Have contracted for 1500 copies to be printed. Figure will be confirmed based on number of reunion registration forms received by Jan. 8, 2007 alumni meeting. Have sent thank you notes to all who have participated in preparing Booklet. Proofing is currently being done as sections are completed. Hopefully, there will be three proofs.

DVD: Mickey asked Doug Hobbs how Reunion DVD is progressing.

Membership & Treasurer - Howard Birnie:
Presently have 827 members.
$ 8,453 . presently in our account.

Newsletter Discussion: Doug Hobbs suggested refusing newsletter to those who have not joined the RCAA. This issue will be discussed again after the reunion. For the present, newsletter will be sent to everyone.

New Business

Bob Ralph - Former Students
Dale Cosburn, 1940's recently passed away in Calgary. Bob wrote the funeral home and his letter was passed on to Dale's wife and she wrote back.

Motion to adjourn.

Meeting ended at 8:25 p.m.

Next Meeting - Monday January 8, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.


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