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RCAA Meeting held on Monday January 15, 2007

Attendees: Linda Grieve, Karin Normann, Caroline Seeto, Laurie Cusack, Howard Birnie, Ed Travelo, Doug Hobbs, Linda Romito, Tim Kuboniwa, Doug Slade, John Fallows, Bob Watson, Ed Travolo, Diane Carlton, Paul Francis, Jim White, Jerry Wells, Judy Endacott, John McGuigan, Ralph Nigro, Jane Eberhard, Colleen Peacock, Debbie Katsumi, Miranda Wong, Howard Birnie, Mick Spillane, Bruce McGregor, Laima Linde, Alexandra Fokine

Regrets Joanne Cianni

Chaired by Diane Carlton

Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.

Motion to accept the minutes. M/S/C


Only emails received that will be mentioned during the discussion about the website

Business Arising

The name plaques were successfully screwed in. Not sure if we are missing any nameplates. Possibility of preparing a plaque to show where the names are located in the auditorium.

Appreciation Certificate - Mickey Spillane

Unable to find an original Appreciation Certificate, but Mickey is still working on this.

Principal's Report - Ralph Nigro

In school group meets regarding the 100th Reunion. One of the teachers at the school has spoken with the East York Mirror to place a 16 page insert. Possibility of putting together a 100th Video with the possibility of going to the media. A copy of the 100th banner will be distributed thru the board system. School wide assembly in early March in preparation of the 100th Century.

100th Anniversary Committee Linda Grieve

Website Issues - Karin

On January 2 it was discovered that the RCAA website was hacked into. As Tony Chan was away, Eric Normann helped to fix the web-site. The hacker was located in Cario Egypt. The web-host was also corrupted. WWW.RiverdaleAlumni.ca . The other dilemma is to find a place outside to hang the banner announcing the upcoming reunion. The problem is that there was a banner, but it was destroyed and defaced.

Both Doug and Howard have entered 250 registrations. There is a process on how the registration will be handled. Received 280 registrations. There were 50 staff who have responded to the breakfast. The pub night has 103 to date and the profit from the pub night will go towards the Scholarship. Linda met with Humberside and Malvern reunion reps and they mentioned that tickets were sold 4 weeks prior to the event. Ralph and Linda met with the Memorabilia Company to order the bags, mugs, t-shirts (small logo on the left-hand corner). The company needs numbers by March break. First draft of the auditorium program for the Saturday was prepared. Letters sent to the politicians, board, and former principals. Decade Rooms will be done by the Grade 10 history class. The decade rooms will be located on the Third Floor. The Phys Ed department will be setting up various games as well as a BBQ that will be a fundraiser for the Athletic department. 

Doug Slade

Discussed how the registration is handled, i.e. registration is photocopied and returned with the ticket. Cannot get hotel booking, as the hotels want numbers of people that would be booking rooms.

Linda Grieve has mentioned that if any one is interested in working on a decade room, please speak with her after the meeting.

182 pictures that were framed with the help of Mickey Spillane. Mickey stated that Linda Grieve had mentioned after visiting the archive room that the pictures should be framed.

Doug Hobbs Media

Newspaper, TV etc. - An article will be sent out explaining the Reunion. As it gets closer to the event more advertising (early April). 

Bruce McGregor & Ralph - Music

All three music departments are looking forward in doing a performance in the morning and possibility of an alumni music performance.

Bill Schley passed away in July 2006. Bill was instrumental in sending up the RCAA trust fund so, that the interest earned is given as a scholarship

Diane - Seat

275 seats (halfway sold as there are a total of 550 seats).

Mickey Spillane - 100th Anniversary Booklet

See the newsletter page 3 - Both Ralph and Mickey have been proofing the book before it goes to print. The amount of time and effort that Mickey has put in doing the Riverdale Centennial Anniversary Booklet has been exemplary. Joanne Cianni and Bob Ralph have managed to get some ads.

Treasurer/Membership - Howard Birnie

Membership is 840 

1800 people are mailed the newsletter, but we only have 840 paid people.

New Business

Howard Birnie has mentioned that we can get a 1970 football jacket. A lady had called regarding the art books at 250 College Street (archives) if the school would be interested in taking them. The Royal Military Institute had mentioned that there is a picture of a nurse from 1915 and is an RCI graduate. Carl Brewer's partner has written a book regarding Carl's career and conflicts with the hockey world.

Motion to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Next Meeting is Tuesday June 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the School.


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