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RCAA Meeting held on June 12, 2007

Minutes: Alex Fokine

Attendees: Diane Carlton, Linda Grieve, Howard Birnie, Mickey Spillane, Etty Green, Karin Normann, Lynn Rogers, Marion Knights, Linda Romito, Alexandra Fokine, Nicholas Hui, Jim White, Keith Akada

Regrets: Ralph Nigro, Doug Slade & Lynn Slade, Jerry Wells, Doug Hobbs

Motion to adopt the minutes. M/S/C

Introduction of table


Karin distributed emails commenting on the 100th. Diane read an email from Marg Coulter (nee Chapman) indicating that the reunion committee should have had a head table at the Gala so that everyone could see who organized the Reunion.

There was a complaint from a grad of 1942 that there was no notice about the 1942 Football team.

Business Arising

Mickey displayed the Appreciation Certificate for Tom Clifford and will give it to Principal Nigro for his signature and framing.

100th Anniversary - Linda Grieve

Thank you to all who assisted in the 100th Reunion. There are many people that have not picked up their merchandise from the Reunion. Linda has called over 100 people to come to the school to pick up their merchandise. This has caused considerable work for the school staff. The decade books are labeled and stacked, but due to privacy we cannot give out the information. We cannot scan the decade books onto our website as it causes a privacy issue. Linda wrote many personal letters on behalf of the RCAA to the current RCI staff and to students to thank them for the work that they did for the 100th Reunion. 

At the September meeting, Ralph will present a financial statement from the Reunion, which may cause some financial burdens for the Alumni. 

Seat Sale - Diane Carlton

Sold 322 out of 550. We had one donation for $500 for a seat. There was one seat with a spelling error, and a husband and wife had seats at different sides of the auditorium. 

Riverdalian - Mickey Spillane

Mickey mentioned the lovely article reporting on our successful Reunion written by the Chairpersons Hobbs, Grieve and Slade. The article will appear in the June 07 Riverdalian Newsletter. 
Mickey also announced that having done nineteen newsletters dating back to 1999, he will be passing on the reins to alumnus, Jim White 65, who will be the new editor of the Riverdalian. Jim is hoping someone will volunteer to serve as assistant editor(s).

Membership - Howard Birnie 

20 new members from the Reunion.
907 members of the RCAA

There was one lady that asked to be removed from the RCAA mailing list. Discussion about how the newsletter is sent out either emailing or mailing. Mailing is becoming cost prohibitive. Emailing is the way to go and the newsletter will be posted on the website. 

Treasurer - Howard Birnie

$9893.00 and the deposit was $2800 for the Embers.

New Business

Website - Karin

We need to have someone else to do the website pages at school as the student doing the website is now at Waterloo. There was discussion about using the registration forms cross-referenced to the current members list. The School has all the registration forms and this will need to be looked at in School. Possibility of approaching Tony Chan to ask about who would do the website. Nicholas has offered to look into the website.
Fred Waggoner class of 1964 is planning a 50th Reunion in 2014 and has asked if it is possible to reconnect with other alumni, but this would be privacy issue.

Motion to adjourn.

Meeting ended at 8:20 p.m.

The next meeting is Wednesday September 12th at 7:00 p.m. at Riverdale.


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