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RCAA Meeting held on September 12, 2007

Minutes: Alex Fokine

Attendees: Doug Hobbs, Jerry Wells, Janet Moni, Karin Normann, Linda Romito, Jeff Allen, Diane Carlton, Judy Endacott, Lynn Rogers, Marion Knights, Mickey Spillane, Linda Grieve, Jim White, John Paglialunga, Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Doug & Lynn Slade, Etty Green, Howard Birnie

Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Diane Carlton chaired the meeting

Introduction of the table

Motion to accept the minutes. M/S/C

Correspondence from the Reunion was done at the previous meeting.

Business Arising - Merchandise from the Reunion

Doug and Linda worked the first week of July to ship out the merchandise from the Reunion by C.O.D. There is still merchandise at the school. The merchandise that was sent was the bag and book as it was too costly to ship the mugs. The unsold merchandise will be stored at the school and possibly sold at Commencement (November 16th). Judy and Lynn will set-up a table to sell merchandise at Commencement.

Website - Karin

A quiet summer. People are still signing up on Classmates. Karin will contact Nicholas regarding the website as he was not aware of tonight's meeting. Karin would like to have the RCAA website like the one from Victoria. There is the issue of the Alumni website being connected to the school website and therefore following Board protocol.

100th Anniversary Committee - Linda & Doug

A big thank you to all; there is no further report.

Seat Sale- Diane 

Only issue was that there were some seats not together even though they were purchased together. There were a few phone calls regarding matching tax receipts with respect to payment. Currently have 325 seats. Receive one $500. for seat sale that is to be directed to the Scholarship fund.

Newsletter - Jim White

Jim asked for suggestions for newsletter. He will meet with Mickey on what should be in the Newsletter.

Principal's Report - Ralph

Another flood in the phys. Ed (the large gym) caused by heavy rain due to faulty drainage. Also, the windows are being re-chalked. The school attendance is 1250. This shows how good a school Riverdale is. Ralph spoke to the current students, telling them that they are starting in a new century of RCI.

The Reunion made $ 81,000; spent $57,500. We are just under $ 24,000. in profit column. Ralph would like to pay an honouriam to the caretakers, secretaries for all the extra hours they put in during the Reunion preparation. Once this is paid, $ 22,000 would go to the Scholarship. Possibility of having more than one alumni scholarship. The accountant told Ralph that the Alumni Scholarship should be increased. Discussion followed regarding how the scholarship funds are controlled and managed by the Board. How much could we give if we gave the Board all the money (including the RCAA Foundation Scholarship). The Seat Sale Account is $ 7,000 (last report). Possibility of giving $50,000 to the Board to set-up two scholarship (we are not sure how the Board invests the money). We would need at 4% interest to generate the principle to give a scholarship of $ 1,500. Board would look after scholarship account. 

Motion was moved by Mickey:

Monies that were raised from the Reunion would go towards establishing a second scholarship to be called the Centennial Scholarship. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report - Diane Carlton

$ 9,893.00 from the last report. There may be some small expenditures from the Reunion. All expenses from the Reunion should be paid by the end of October. Howard will explain the amount of $2,800 from the previous report.

Riverdalian - Jim White

As the Reunion is over, what privileges belong to the Alumni. Possibility of having a connecting service. This is already handled on the website. How are we marketing the alumni association? Discussion about keeping the RIP in the Newsletter which does not need to go on the website. Judy is working on correlating the decade books with the registration forms. Possibility of sending the newsletter via email. But as members pay the $ 25 it is better to receive the newsletter by hard-copy. The Harbord Club has stop sending their newsletter by mail. If you want to receive a newsletter hard copy, you would pay $ 25 extra. As discussed at the last meeting, the next copy of the newsletter will be mailed. To produce a newsletter there is the printing cost as well as the postage. Newsletter could be done at school for considerably less that Board printing costs, There will be an article in the December Newsletter about emailing due to the increasing costs of postage.

Date of the Next Meeting Tuesday January 15th, 2008

Following Meeting Monday June 9, 2008

Registration forms from the Reunion are at the school. Judy will follow-up with Ralph on getting the registration forms.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Meeting ended at 8:40 p.m.


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