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RCAA Meeting held on January 15, 2008

Welcome by Etty Green (Diane on vacation)

Regrets: Linda Grieve, Diane Carlton

Attendees: See list (handout) (Please note, the secretary has misplaced the attendance sheet, which means I may not have sent everyone the minutes of this meeting, my apologies).

Minutes from the previous meeting. Motion to accept the minutes by Jim and seconded by 

Minutes accepted.

Correspondence - Etty Green

  • Letter to RCAA thanking the Alumni for the scholarship from Ralph Nigro.
  • Christmas Card from Doreen Bowie thanking the Alumni for the Reunion.

Disposition of Merchandise at Commencement - Judy

The merchandise did not sell well. All previously purchased merchandise was given out.

RCAA Website - Karin

Riverdale alumni are still signing up on Classmates.com. Karin has a list of people from Canada 411 thru Classmates.com. Karin also mentioned about the website needs to be upgraded. Unfortunately, Ray Liu is in China and Nicholas is in England so at this time the current website is at status quo. But Ray did send Karin some suggestions for the website (see email from January 13, 2008). Possibility of having the newsletter on the website, but have the newsletter password protected. Will talk to Nicholas regarding the website.

Registration List
How Best To Use and Store from the 100th Reunion - Doug Slade

Currently the registration forms are filed by hard-copy. Now it is just a matter of putting them on a database. Judy will send the data disk to Doug so that can organize the registration forms. Howard will print the labels for the newsletter.

100th Anniversary Committee - Doug Slade

There is a lot of merchandise left over. Fifty books have been sold since the Reunion.

Seat Sale - Etty Green on behalf of Diane

330 Seats completed, but there are still some seats left.

Riverdalian - Jim White

Draft prepared for tonight's meeting. For mailing, the newsletter should be four pages to keep the mailing costs down. Jim asked about setting the next meeting dates for the newsletter. Therefore, June 9, 2008, September 12, 2008 and Monday January 12, 2009. Email addresses will be sent to Judy for her database. 

Discussion about connecting Alumni as there is an issue about privacy. Discussion regarding on how to connect Alumni as this must be monitored in case someone does not want to be contacted. 

Regular article on where they are now. Jim would like that everyone here at tonight's meeting to write an article. The draft needs to be reviewed and Jim would like any suggestions regarding this draft. Currently Judy can do the newsletter, but by next September there will be a change. 

Possibility of having the newsletter emailed to reduce costs.

Principal's Report - Ralph

Last meeting there was a lot of discussion regarding how the charitable was set-up. Ralph has met with the Board and as there was a conflict of interest of having the principal as one of the officers of the charitable, we need to have this cleared up. The charitable has $ 85,000. Possibility of setting up 4 scholarships at $ 1, 500 (just an estimate). For the next meeting we can decided the criteria for the scholarship. It is agreed that the Board will manage the fund. Ralph has met with the school council (Parent Group), run a scholarship gala ($75 that includes a 5 course dinner and silent auction) to raise funds for scholarship. Ralph asked if the Alumni would be interested in attending. This is just an idea for early fall. 

Treasurer's Report

The RCAA has $ 10,323.07, as we are not spending much on printing or postage. Howard asked about taking this money and put it in the scholarship, but it was decided that we hold on to the money for future use.

New Business will be discussed at the next meeting.

Next Meeting June 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the school.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.


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