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RCAA Meeting held on October 15, 2008

Attendees: Nicholas Hui, Fred Wagner, Diane Carlton, Linda Romito, Jim White, Ron Berresford, Howard Birnie, Jerry Wells, Irene King, Elaine McLellan

Regrets: Ralph Nigro, Linda Grieve, Judy Endacott, Karin Normann, Gary Barker

Business arising from the Minutes from Ron regarding the pool closure. Diane will talk about pool.

Minutes moved and seconded

Pool Closure - Diane

For now the pool is open, but only time will tell.

Website - Nicholas

Nicholas is currently recovering from a car accident and has not been able to work on the website. Fred Wagner has developed a website for the class of 64 (www.bankers-banquiers-canada.ca/rci password Riverdale #1). Fred expressed concern that he didn't want to compete with the Alumni website. Fred and Nicholas will work together on the website. We need to find out how the size of the current alumni website (that is for interactive purposes).

Registration Lists from Reunion- Diane

Doug unfortunately is not here. Diane will follow-up with Doug.

Reunion 1960's - Linda 

About 185 prepaid, 35 at the door at least 220 people. Possible 300 people attended. Linda has spreadsheets from the Class 1966. Main thing that this was a great get-together. There is interest to have another reunion, but not next year. The money collected will probably go to the Scholarship and for future events. Fred is thinking of organizing a Reunion for the Class of '64 in 2014. Irene had mentioned that the display table was well-organized.

Principal's Report - As Read by Diane Carleton

The school population is 1,268 students, which is 120 overcapacity. Four Scholarships, one Valedictorian, three top students at $ 1,000 each. Revocation of the charitable foundation. We need to follow-up with Ralph regarding the awarding four scholarships. We need to clarify that was it that the amount of the scholarship changed or the number of recipients. Need to be discussed further. 

Seat Sale - Diane

353 seats out of 600. There was a list published of all the donors for the seats at the 100th Reunion.

Newsletter - Jim 

Working on the next newsletter. Will write about the mini-reunions. Jim receives a lot of articles from the obituaries. Can we count on the school to continue printing and mailing the newsletter? Currently this is under the Principal's discretion. We mail 500 - 800 newsletters. We do have email addresses and we may consider emailing the newsletter to those that have email.

Treasurer's Report - Howard 

$ 10,000 in the Alumni Fund

Membership - Howard 

915 Current names. For every mailing we get 20 returns.

New Business 

Follow-up on the Scholarship for the next meeting in April.

Elaine asked about why the Toronto Board has taken the Tom Thomson from the Principal's office. In actual fact the picture was purchased by a former Riverdale art teacher (Truman Kidd) and should be property of alumni. Is Riverdale a legal entity in itself regardless of the board? Discussion regarding how the Alumni Scholarship is handled by the Board.

Commencement is November 21, 2008.

Next meeting - April 14, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

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