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RCCA Meeting held on April 14, 2009

Attendees: Etty Green, Doug Slade, Lynne Slade, Ron Berresford, Howard Birnie, Judy Endacott, Janet Moni, Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Diane Carlton

Meeting commenced at 7:10 p.m.

Etty is chairing the meeting.

Minutes from October 15 moved/seconded/carried.


Only an email about the Newsletter as there was not a Newsletter at Christmas. There has not been a newsletter as yet. Judy has not heard from Jim. Etty looked up the minutes from January 15, 2008 regarding the Newsletter issue. Etty will try to reach Jim regarding the Newsletter. Ralph will also email Jim. Howard received a note from Beverly Hill from 1967 if there is another reunion coming up. The next Sixties Reunion is in 2010.

Website - Nicolas & Karin

Not here to discuss this issue.

Registration Lists

Judy has the information and will merge with the newsletter addresses.

Alumni Scholarships - Report submitted by Diane

Ralph had mentioned that we had talked about four scholarships, but no decision was made. We have $85,000 combined from the 100th and the Charitable. This money is currently with the Accountants of the Board. The Alumni can do the criteria of how the scholarship is awarded. Need to set-up a meeting in September for the Alumni Scholarships for the next commencement. There will be a sub-committee formed from tonight's meeting to discuss the criteria of awarding the scholarships, this needs to be done before September. The sub-committee consists of Janet Moni, Diane Carlton, Doug and Lynne Slade and Judy Gribben. Discussion that a monetary award to the Valedictorian since currently the Valedictorian only speaks on behalf of the graduating class.

Ralph had a request from the Class of 1990 to have a Reunion at the school.

Reports - Ralph Nigro

Very busy at the school. Needed to declare 7 teachers as surplus to the Board. Enrolment is about the same. The Honours reception had 394 students achieving over 80%. The school had a Sienna Italy exchange where 15 students went to Italy. Sport activities have commenced in full force. There is a trip to Washington for the Arts/Music students.


Previously discussed and Ralph will contact Jim.

Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie

We currently have $10,109.69. Five new members for 2008.

Membership - Howard & Judy

We get a significant amount of return address.

New Business

Scholarships previously discussed.

Next meeting September 22, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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