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RCCA Meeting held on February 24, 2010

Attendees: Natalie Hosmer, Linda Grieve, Jim White, Jerry Wells, Etty Green, Lynne Slade, Doug Slade, Kenn Harvey, Doug Hobbs, Howard Birnie, Judy Endacott

Regrets: Karin Normann, Linda Romito, Ron Berresford, Diane Carlton

Etty will chair the meeting. Meeting commenced at 7:00 p.m.

Etty welcomed Kenn Harvey, the new principal of RCI. Etty stated that we meet twice a year. Natalie Hosmer was welcomed as the RCI Newsletter Editor. Next meeting will be September 21st, 2010.

Business arising from the previous meeting. Discussion about the two scholarships that are given.

Minutes were moved/accepted.

New Business

Diane wanted to raise the issue about how we continue as this group for the future. May need to raise money for the Scholarship. The monies that are in the charitable and the 100th Scholarship to be accounted (need to go to the Board thru the RCI office manager). Discussion regarding reaching out to the younger alumni. Discussion about having Decade Reunions. Kenn mentioned how Agincourt had a Pub Night every 5 years at the school. Discussion about getting someone to use Facebook for RCI alumni. We need to have a message. We need to use any means possible to get in touch with former alumni. There is a new signboard (electronic) to advertise Alumni events. The 100th Reunion was critical to raise money for the RCAA Scholarship. Need to update the RCAA website. Linda mentioned that as an alumni she would like to know what is going in the school as well as what others are doing. Need social events for keep the alumni going.

Etty will call Karin regarding the website and will follow-up with Alexandra. Linda stated that the support of the Alumni is the 50-60 year old age group and we need to get a younger audience. Linda mentioned about the Riverdale Newspaper that discusses about what is happening at the school. Riverdale is having Riverdale Idol and may have alumni judges.

Two Riverdale Alumni passed away - Alfred Henry Le Masurier and Barry Edward Smith.

Need to get set-up on Facebook and also the website.

Financial Report - Howard Birnie

Two new members and we have $10,029.96 in the account.

Newsletter - Natalie

Twice a year newsletter to keep it fresh. The school is still doing the printing and mailing. Any more articles for the Newsletter?

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.

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