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RCCA Meeting held on September 21, 2010

Attendees: Natalie Hosmer, Linda Romito, Kenn Harvey, Karin Normann, Etty Green, Doug Slade, Howard Birnie, Judy Endacott, Ron Berresford, Diane Carlton and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Doug Hobbs, Jim White

Meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m. with the introduction of the table

Correspondence Diane 

No new correspondence, but there were two articles in the Toronto on RCI Alumni: Ken Green and Howard Birnie, which will be in the next Newsletter.

Business Arising

Facebook Set-Up Natalie

To attract the younger Alumni, we need to have the RCAA on Facebook. Diane moved that we have Natalie set-up a Facebook page. Motion seconded and carried.

Website update Karin

Currently the website is 3 years old and Tony is no longer updating the information. Natalie has offered to update the website, but she needs to get access to the site. (Please note as my laptop died during the meeting some items may not be accurate).

Alumni Scholarship

There will be two scholarships at $ 1,000. Judy pointed out that at a previous meeting it was decided that the scholarships would be in the amount of $ 1,500. Therefore, for this year's Commencement (October 29th), the two scholarships will be $ 1,500. There was a discussion regarding the Charitable Foundation and the 100th Scholarship funds, as the Board handles both these funds.

Principal's Report

Kenn apologizes that his report is not detailed as he was locked out of his office. The school is busy with fall activities.

Newsletter Natalie

The deadline for articles is October 30 with hopes to publish in November. Discussion about the Stavro family who unfortunately do not give a scholarship.

Treasurer's Report Howard

We currently we have $10,000 in the account. The Laurentian Branch that Howard was going to closed, but he found another Laurentian Branch. We received two cheques for membership.

Membership Howard 

Received a letter from Mrs. Gordon about her husband who had graduated from RCI in 1940. Three new members joined. Another seat was sold today. Kenn mentioned that the original seats in the balcony need to be replaced, which means we could sell more nameplates

New Business

1960's Reunion Linda 

The 1960's Reunion will take place on Saturday October 2 at the Balmy Beach Club. There will be a good cross section of '60s in attendance (right to 1969). Irene King and Kay Hoey will be in attendance. A commemorative CD was made and will be given to all at the Reunion. There will be a Revival Band. Need a flyer regarding the Alumni to be distributed at the party. Judy will prepare one and send to Linda.


Need to have the Alumni more involved with the students. The school had an Idol program, which was won by a girl from Malvern. The may be a TDSB Dance contest in the future.

Reminder of the Earl Grey Reunion on November 6th. Duke of Connaught may be having a Reunion in 2012.

Next Meeting Wed. Feb. 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn. M/S/C

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. 

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