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RCCA Meeting held on February 23, 2011

Attendees: Natalie Hosmer, Linda Grieve, Doug Hobbs, present day Riverdale Students (3), Kenn Harvey, Ed Travolo and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Linda Romito and Etty Green

Motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting, moved/seconded/accepted

New Business

Karen, Anita and Karen (present day RCI students). Presenting Deca a business club. They will be competing in Orlando, Florida. Cost is $ 1,300 per student. Six thousand students had competed in the Ontario Provincials to qualify for Orlando. Discussion about how to sponsor as we need to be cautious as we may get other groups in the school looking for sponsorship. The girls are expected to pay girls $ 500.

Motion to give $200 to each girl to go to the competition in Orlando. Motion Carried

Correspondence – received lots of emails about the Newsletter being password protected.

Website – Diane found the Riverdale CI newspaper. A flyer for the 1960’s reunion did not get much response.

Business Arising

The ‘60s Reunion was a booming success. The website is current and well organized.

Alumni Scholarship

Two were given. The one recipient had won 7 awards.

Auditorium Seat Replacement & Existing Plagues

The upstairs will not be replaced. The school auditorium had a safety audit and the older seats do not flip up. The school would be responsible in paying for the replacement.

Principal’s Report – Kenn Harvey

Riverdale has an email service called Icontact that for $400/year is used to email out the school newsletter and we could join to receive this (www.schools.tdsb.on.ca\Riverdale). RCI is now WiFi accessible. The school has security cameras (15 cameras at all exist). The building is used 7 days a week as there is a Chinese School and Turkish school. The pool is used every night. Two community notices – Starbucks is moving in across the street (Jones & Gerrard) and Home Depot which is a strong supporter of RCI is enlarging. School events – the swim team has done well. The Arts department is doing the play 39 steps. Music program is planning to go on tour. RCI was recently in the news regarding a “stabbing”.

Riverdalian – Natalie

Deadline is April 15th – Just the issue about the password protect. Need to add a membership page in the Newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report – Howard

We have $ 10,059.86 as of Dec.31, 2010. Few memberships.

Memberships – Howard 

Around 800

Ian Waldron is organizing the 50th Reunion of the class of 1961 to be held on October 1.

Website – Karin is not here

Ray Liu has done a great job on the website.

Bank Statements

Charitable Seat Sale Scholarship $ 34,365.54
100th $ 20,412.99
Cash on Hand $ 18,588.00

Scholarship money is taken from the Charitable Seat Sale.

New Business

Ideas about how the Alumni can help the school. The Alumni needs a purpose as we do not have future reunions.

Next Meeting – Tuesday September 20, 2011.

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