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RCCA Meeting held on September 20, 2011

Attendees: Natalie Hosmer, Joy Lehmann, Kenn Harvey, Diane Carlton, Judy Endacott, Karin Norman, Howard Birnie, Doug Hobbs, Linda Romito and Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Doug & Lynne Slade (Today is the 100th birthday of Lynne’s Dad, who attended Riverdale in 1930).

Minutes from previous meeting February 23 and not January 23 as stated.

Introduction of the table

Move to accept the minutes as written.


Received a book on Student Grievances.

Girls at DECA

Placed quite high considering there were 16,000 other students competing. Needed to Americanize their presentation. Looking forward to participating this year. 

Excess Memorabilia – Diane would like to sell the excess at the 50th Reunion, but she cannot attend. Linda will contact one of the organizers of the 50th and then contact the Prinicipal

Password Protection – no issue regarding passwords.

Principal’s Report – Kenn Harvey

The school admin Lucy has left to go to another school. The school is going under minor renovations. 

The picture of Tom Thomson that was in the principal’s office is now at the AGO. The Board had paid $25 for the picture back in the 1920’s.

The School now has an electronic newsletter. Alumni can view the newsletter (don’t sign up as you get every email).

Positive changes in the neighbour (addition of Starbucks), Great Burger, Scottish pub and a repertoire theatre (there is still a morgue behind Ingrams). The Collegiate Restaurant is still there.

A group of Grade 10 students will be going to Vimy for the 95th Anniversary in 2012.

Riverdalian – Natalie 

Deadline is October 15th and mailed in November.

Treasurer’s Report - Howard- Now we have bank charges to deal with.

Membership – Howard 

No new memberships

Website – Karin

Karin has been busy and unable to keep the website up to date. The website to update is time consuming has it is an old website.

New Business

50th Reunion for 1961 – Diane is unable attend, is someone interested.

Alumni Volunteer Network – advertise in the Newsletter to mentor current students. Need to inform the students about the Alumni. Also connect with graduating students. Invite the present days student council to the Alumni meeting.

Linda – ‘60s Reunion had raised a significant amount but the cheque was mislaid. Also another cheque had not been deposited.

Scholarships – $1,500 to be given at Commencement

Diane would like to move that we send flowers to Lucy in appreciation for the work that she assisted with the Alumni.
Next Meeting – Wednesday February 15, 2012

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