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RCCA Meeting held on September 18, 2012

Attendees: Linda Grieve, Diane Carlton, Kenn Harvey, Karin Normann, Howard Birnie,

Regrets: Linda Romito, Doug & Lynn Slade, Natalie Hosmer

Minutes from the previous meeting

Correspondence from Mickey Spillane in thanking the Alumni for the kind words. Linda received a card from Mickey that he will be having surgery on September 25th.

Diane received a card from Lucy Elbe thanking for the lovely flowers.

Diane received an unsolicited email that will be ignored.

Business Arising

The school has a new secretary - Helen Ferraro.

The new chief caretaker will also be the community representative

Website - Karin

In 2012 had 8 inquiries about the RCAA. 2011 had 9 inquiries and in 2010 had 10 inquiries. Ray Liu is still updating the website. Alexandra will send Ray the minutes. Karin also found Heidi Fisher in Paris.

Principal's Report

Kenn Harvey - Grade 10 students went to Vimy Ridge and Dieppe. The school is experiencing challenges due to the contract situation. The school has a new website and Kenn will contact Ray.

Diane for Natalie - Newsletter

Natalie needs help with the Newsletter

Treasurer's Report- Howard

One cheque in Australian Dollars

Seat 2 seats sold

Scholarship Fund - We will be receiving all the money from both scholarships due to the new ruling from the Board. Possibility of giving a monetary award for the Aristae. The possibility of running out of money in 15 years and as the Alumni stands today will the Association exist for 125th. Linda moved to $1,000 for both male and female Alumni scholarship winners and $500 each for the Aristae winners. Seconded by Karin. Motion carried.

Accountant for the Scholarship needs contact information regarding the Scholarship fund. Howard Birnie, Diane Carlton and Alexandra Fokine are now the directors of the Scholarship. $15,000 will be held and the rest will be invested for future scholarships.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

The next meeting is Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013.

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