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RCCA Meeting held on September 17, 2013

Attendees: Howard Birnie, Steve Fler, Kenn Harvey, Alexandra Fokine

Regrets: Diane Carlton, Linda Grieve

Howard presented the Chairman's Report

We need to file a Charitable Foundation Report.

This year we lost the following people - Mickey Spillane, Doug Hobbs, Renee Taillefer and Karin Norman's husband Wolfgang. Diane has all Alumni Association financials that will be given to the school. Thirty Seven seats are required for the donations

Steve Flor - Our New Newsletter Editor

Would like to change the Newsletter header and shorter stories but more variety. Steve would like to investigate the story of the moose. RCI now has a new mascot (Similar to the Oakland Raiders insignia).

The Bank Balance of the Centennial Bank Account as of the August 2013 statement $20,552.99. The balance of the Charitable as of the same date is 28,632.32.

Membership how do we get new members?

Principals' Report

Students are going to Japan on an exchange paid for by the Japanese Government. The award walls are almost used up and a decision needs to be made to what to do with the names. Riverdale on Saturday is a Chinese School.

Next meeting to be decided when Diane gets back.


The next meeting will be Wednesday February 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the staff room.

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