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RCCA Meeting held on February 19, 2014

Attendees: Diane Carlton, Howard Birnie, Kenn Harvey, Steve Fler, James ChowłAlexandra Fokine

Regrets: Linda Grieve, Karin Normann, Linda Romito

Corrections from the previous minutes - Steve Fler


Charitable Foundation Submission

Needs to be done a yearly basis, but we have not submitted for the past two years. The reason the delay is getting the information from the Royal Bank. Since we have this issue, we intend to move the money.

Newsletter 2013 Fall Issue

Seven pages are complete. Just need to have it sent to the school to be printed. Steve contacted people from his year to get stories for the Newsletter.

37 New Seat Owners - Enough need to check if there are enough chairs left to name.


Principal Kenn Harvey - A better school environment this year compared to last year. Riverdale had an exchange program with Japan, which was paid for by the Japanese Government. March Break to Ecuador for Free the Children. Riverdale is not involved with Kiwanis. But there is still a band competition (Ontario Band Association) that includes choral performances. Need to upgrade the tennis courts. Possibility of opening it to the community. Five kids are going to the World Ball Hockey tournament in Budapest. Still trying to find room for the Aristeas photographs as there is not enough wall space. Also, will discontinue the posting of the Ontario Scholarships as there are now too many names. The will be three new t.v.s installed to keep students informed for activities at the school. Also have two water coolers that are waiting to be installed. The mini-olympics are backed. The school song is still sung after assemblies. The new mascot is a pirate.

Chairman winners for the Alumni Scholarships are Lynda Ly and Laila Zaiman

Aristea - Alexander Aleksic, Lynda Ly

Treasurer's Report - Howard Birnie

We have $8,840.52 in the account. The Bank statements were being mailed to Petersen Chan.

Newsletter - Steve Fler

The newsletter should be out in a week. There are 3 alumni teaching at RCI. Possibility of getting some articles from them.

Membership - Howard

Two new members.

Website - haven't heard from Ray and Karin was not here.

Investing Scholarship Funds - The Scholarship funds are being charged $6/month in bank fees. Possibility of going to ING. Howard moved to re-invest money from the charitable account in the amount of 28,000.

Seconded by James Chow

Next Meeting Tuesday September 16 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

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