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Where Are They Now?

If you haven't found your old school friend on this website, please check the following internet resources. They might just be registered at one of them.

We can help you get in touch with your old school chums if you find them on any of these sites. Just email your request to knormann@cogeco.ca.

If you still can't find your school friend, please email us any information you have on the person and a photo (if available). We will post the information here and use all the resources of your Alumni Association to find that person for you.

Where Are They Now? Contact
I am looking for Eileen North who graduated with me in 1958. I know she went into nursing, but I do not have any other information about her. Linda (Hackett) Reynolds
I am trying to track down some friends of mine from the early 1980's: Mile Komlen, Rita Erganian, Anna Tsaknis, Angela Koukoutsis, Alex Delis, Tim Johnstone, Julie Hwang and Vivian Maltese. If you know of their whereabouts, please let me know. Irina (Shoushounova) Teevens
I would be delighted to know where Paul Rosen (1968) is today! Ralph Pirozzo

I am hoping to rebuild a complete list of former members of the RCI 10-piece swing orchestra (1943 - 1944) and their present contact addresses:

Norm Hacking ('44) - vocalist and MC  
Howard Kew ('43) - bass found
Bill McIntosh ('44) - violin  
Victor(?) Koshoff ('44) - violin  
Alan Marchment ('46) - snare drummer  
Bruce(?) Mulholland ('44?) - alto saxophone  
Wilson Quigley ('44?) - tenor saxophone found
Fred Scobie ('45?) - trombone  
Bill(?) Scobie ('45?) - trombone (brother of Fred)  
Bill(?) Simpson ('45) - piano (brother of Dorothy Simpson '46?)  
Harry Thornton ('46) - percussion found

Please contact Ed Bousfield ('44) - (trumpet) with postal and e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

1710-1275 Richmond Rd.
Ottawa, ON, K2B 8E3
Phone: (613) 726-7803

Ed Bousfield
I am looking for a friend Kathy Matolych (spelling?), 1975. Dr. Steve Nitsopoulos